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She took my hands and pulled them up, laying them on her hips. Leaving me standing there completely heartbroken with my cock throbbing in my trousers and begging for release, she makes her way along with several other passengers to the open door. "I sorta knew you were swingers, and you brought someone home." She went on to tell me how she had snuck out of her mother's house and jogged down here, wearing only a t-shirt and a pair of nylon shorts with her sneakers. He said “ are you ready for my monster meat to tear up your sweet pink hairy hole.” “ My ass has been dying for your meat since I heard we dating a soldier with ptsd were coming here” I straddled him and sat in his cock. Whatever I tell you, do you understand?” “Yes” “Good. Driving home afterwards she had smiled to herself that, so far, it looked like being her boss’s mistress/ provider wasn’t going to be a bad gig at all. Then the girls who were teenagers or younger you would just think that they were his kids and all. Once she had opened the blouse fully she turned to expose her white lacy bra that was overflowing with her young breast flesh. Dinner was great, and we both had the lasagna and wine. We don’t know what you used to be, and quite frankly we don’t give a damn. The man held her against him tight as he emptied his balls into Jessica's stomach, and when he was done he slowly pulled out letting his spent cock fall from between her ruby lips. I thrust my pelvis against her rosy butt cheeks so violently that droplets of her fluids, her shit and sweat went flying. &Ldquo;I’m taking you to your prom tonight emily&rdquo. We got back to the dock a bit before 9, and saw Kim sitting in one of the lounge chairs reading a book. &Ldquo; I stopped and looked at the floor, processing what he’d said. Filling the cup with ice cubes and water Zoë made her way back to the table, walking slowly over the black tiles and looking around at everything once again. Like two warriors who were leaving the battlefield after a hard fought battle retreated once again into Miles’ private bath. As was now their custom, they did the kitchen first, then dining room, living room, and then the family room, before going upstairs and doing dating a hundi man those rooms. She fell down on me, with my cock still firmly in place and said what a great way to start a day. She places her hands on her hips “Like what you see Ensign” “Uhm…Yes I do” “Ah so you can speak” Before he knows what’s going on she’s on her knees, plunging his cock deep into her mouth, for a moment he can’t believe what he’s seeing. I told her I would spend no more than $100 bucks, and that was.

I only had pyjamas on so I didn't miss a movement of those swinging globes of delight. I saw that my cousin had laid his hand on the arm rest, which was next to me, and I thought this was my opportunity. I suggested a nice walk on the beach after dinner, to help digest our food. I have to say she looked incredibly y with a sense of elegance and just a hint of slut. All that matters is that we love each other.” “It's not real love,” Mary retorted. From all the kissing Alice’s strength started to escape. I knew where we were going, but I never thought it would be her initiating the ass fetish. I know they found some spot on one of her ovaries.” “Trust me John. Maggie fondled my ass while I was playing with her clit.

After all of those years of being a party girl, my current life is far to humdrum, and Walt is much to old to satisfy my needs.” “I miss all of the excitement of dating for , so I’ll be more than happy to any you want, and with whomever you want me too.” “Plus I love getting screwed by you and your monster sized prick,” she smiled, wickedly. She called to David and when he came to her she gave him a deep passionate kiss. Like normal I had come in early, about an hour before anyone else got there – including Karla. After awhile she cooled down enough for me to slide my finger tip inside of her. She's my girlfriend.” “Well, she hasn't called me or come by in two months.” Lindsey sighed. Stacy finished cleaning up the cum on James' groin area, and looked up at her husband, with his cum still on her chin, smiling at him with lust.

We could hear Kim and Pete ing away, moaning a great deal, as carol ed me, and I tongue ed Karen. Melissa jumped when he slammed into her, and moaned, "oh yeah, me baby." Nathan used her words for encouragement, dropping his hips back to the bed, and slamming back into her. You’ve already coated my pussy and throat with your hot thick buttery cum. Lily-May had never seen anything like it and had no idea what they would cost or even how anyone could buy such things; Lord Bennet must be the richest man in the world. I spread her cheeks to watch the Erotic spectacle unfold..... I let myself relax a little, enjoying the feel of his KY-slick fingers stroking my tender flesh. I blushed, praying that this would not be what I had to do tonight. Knowing that I was surrounded by cars and people while I was masturbating made me extra horny, but I knew it wasn’t going to b enough to get a really mind blowing orgasm –the kind I desperately needed. I think you already know how to answer and what will happen if you don’t.” “Yes, master,” they both whispered. My tongue swirled around her clit, touching it lightly. Before I could start I needed to be sure they wouldn’t be back so waited patiently until I received the obligatory phone call from my wife announcing their arrival at her sister’s house. When I think you are ready I am going to take your cherry and give you pleasure that you will remember all your life." Carol felt bloated and full back there, but she couldn’t help start to enjoy the pressure the cock was exerting on her clit as it was driven between the cock and the horse. &Ldquo;Mind if I take off my top?” I asked him, “It’s getting rather hot in here. She'll take the guest room." I tore open the condom while Pam smiled and parted her legs. I just have to go to the bathroom.” He replied somewhat lamely. Lochy gasped at the impressive meat, which was already as hard as a rock. Jerry locked the van doors and the boys grabbed their buxom, glassy eyed, round-heeled, incestuous, hot date by the arms and rushed her to the room door, bringing her tight jeans with them. Mark had prepared his bed just for these occasions. If you would have been up front in the beginning, then you would have saved us a lot of time.” Alice said with a huff. She turned and headed downstairs with me in her wake. He grabbed me by my ponytail and he spun me around and he smiled at me and said, ‘I told you, you little ing bitch ~ if you would be nice to us then we would be nice to you but now you had to push that didn’t you!’ Then he smiled at me again and he kicked me in my chest and I went flying down the steps.” Miles said, “Holy shit. My thoughts now turned to taking her to our bed and hoped she would want Tim to join. The man at the back was the first to cum clenching his arse he pumped his cock juice deep into Stacey’s tight arse. Smoothly, like only she could, she pivoted on my chest and reached down to grab my cock through my shorts. I kissed down her neck, making my way to her swollen tits. My parents weren't all that interested in what I did, and I pretty much gave up trying to get them to show me any affection or love when I hit 14, it just wasn't going to happen. After Zi had dropped me off at LAX and I walked up to the ticket counter, I discovered Providence wanted me to go to Miami instead. &Ldquo;I am just not feeling well.” “Okay. During the ravishing of the two trophy bodies there was lots of ass-to-mouth, pussy-to-mouth action, as each man frequently pulling his cock out of the pussy or anal passage it was in, then stuck the juice loaded prick into the other woman’s mouth.

You made daddy very soldier happy.&rdquo with ptsd a dating; She started to cry even louder. Stephanie was groaning and released the bed sheets that she had balled up into her fists and reached back and under herself to rub her clit and bring on the orgasm that her mother had been denying her. Finally he got tired of the shirt and pulled it up over her head, resuming the kiss quickly. Not the buff athletic physique of Jack the sportsman, but of Robert, her hard working husband. "You don't even know what I'm going to ask!" "Well, I hope you're going to ask me to bed!" "Oh, sorry sweetheart. Before I readjusted her bra and blouse and pulled her thong into the middle and her skirt back down to her knees, I marveled at how beautiful my mother really is and was baffled at how stupid of a man my dirtbag father. I looked at the three ladies and said look, what happened last night was great, and if it happens again, Dani and I are cool with it, and no one should feel ashamed or feel like they have to do anything with one another. When was the last time a man made you feel that?&rdquo. For Chloe the first actual penetration was the best part of for her as two people were being joined together as one sharing their most intimate being deep within themselves. Loud enough to be heard outside the closed doors of his room. "Of course honey, of course," Judith replied, "Slurp away!" Aaron removed his fingers from his big sister's juicy shaved cunt and leaned down.

You should have put that kid away in the first round with a pin. &Ldquo;I guess you know everything,” The next word he mouthed, unable to say it outloud in the company of others, the word ‘sis.’ I felt a tremor charge my nerves, from my neck to the tips of my toes, setting all the neurons on edge. He took several requests from us and sang to us as if we were his lovers. You could hear the small waves slapping against the boat, and our bodies slapping together with every thrust. "Take another drink." Rick instructed as he carefully watched her, gauging her emotions. The awkward position has her legs hurting so in an impulsive state she sits on the seat not caring of the condition or what lies beneath her. Take your time I’m enjoying the hell out of this.” The girls made their way over to the bed and told Gene to sit down in the chair in the corner so they could put on a little show for him. She pressed down slowly until her pussy met Lin's, each woman now having swallowed their allowance of the black, monster cock. Bringing her leg up, she uses it for leverage rolling Brad on the bottom. My kids came bounding down stairs to breakfast and didn't say a word. After several nights of fumbling around and misunderstandings, the wife decides to find a solution. She always told him that she fantasized about it all the time. Lara had quickly removed my boxers and was holding my semi-erect penis into her very cold hands. I have only one small voice, but I will become a loud voice for them!” The crowd roared and applauded her statement. My swollen cock slid deeper and deeper, violating Hannah liked I loved so much, until I felt that familiar bliss of being completely buried in Hannah’s ass. I could actually feel her hard nipples poking my bare chest. I had been back from a military training camp and the party was at one of the clubs in the Barracks. We went out to the porch and then to the side porch, where Ann had placed the KFC buckets on this white wicker table. Maybe even that distinction goes away after a while. Meanwhile, I was dating with soldier a ptsd still as hard as a stud horse, and our time was running short, but I was very pleased with Angel’s and my first experience. She knew she could not be late herself and took great care to not get her hair wet while running her hands all over my body while making sure water ran and dripped over her own. Sometimes we took naps, waking up scared that it would be late and that our parents would be just getting home. He absorbs what she said "at least she didn't sell herself" he thinks to himself when he blurts out "ever get paid to someone" quickly dating a man with a daughter Pam replies "no, no,no never. The girls cried out together, Angel coming hard and Brianna getting her ass impaled by a huge cock.

Watch… oh my god… stop.” I didn’t. Finally they heard a rustling at the door, and it unlocking. A teenage guy with dark, slicked back hair moved closer to Wendy and actually grabbed at her skirt. Brianna moaned softly and rolled over, spreading her legs. Sarah was excited by the feeling of forbidden pleasure and she soon orgasmed when he turned to her clitoris. As I felt my father’s girth begin to open my pussy wider than the other boys ever had it began to hurt just a little. The telegrapher put his book down and reached for the form without looking up; he slowly read it out loud. Robyn is a 30s something gorgeous blonde and very busty babe. &Ldquo;She too dry!” He howled with frustration. They watched her walk over to the stairs and go up them, her spectacular ass swinging so proactively that the boy’s eyes watered as they followed every move, until she finally disappeared from view.

Pound your tight ass like I'm gonna do to you soon". Sandra restrained her, holding her down as Deb turned and removed the vest and black tee. I was looking around the small audience I noticed that everyone was having all kinds of together. She sits back down in my lap, this time facing me, and my hands immediately go back to her hips, the one place I know I am allowed to touch. How could you think I’d do that to you?” I looked at the floor, ashamed I’d even thought that of her. I was always attracted to her, and felt she was to me, as well. She consoled herself with the fact that at least she would have a bed to herself. Johansson and then you were going to have with him. Do you need some time to think it over?” I gave her a serious look as I walked back to the massage table, again running my hand over the surface. We were in this position one time when our receptionist, Gloria, forgot something and returned to clinic. She was moaning and trying to talk, and finally said, oh yes, I really want to eat my best friend. I avoided her breasts and pussy, turning her around and even getting her ass before she turned again and told me I had missed a few spots. I love them!” “Angel, you’ll be the guest of honor at the meeting, and we’ll have our crew at the caf?o work overtime to clean. I greeted Tommy and Jack too and invited them in with slaps on the back and handshakes.

Smitty assured me that it wouldn’t be a problem, so I dating and relationships with special operations told him I would give it some serious thought. I don’t know what it is about her but I feel like I covet our time together, even if it is only working together, but I find myself savouring every moment and becoming joyous and turned on simply for a glimpse of that out-of-bounds flesh of her thigh, or cleavage. He had just made out with his twin sister, and it had been amazing.

I could hear her excitedly saying, 'My husband is home. I hope that she isn’t dead and that you are just trying to identify a dead body or something.” Eric said, “Oh no it’s nothing like that at all.” Eric lied to her and said, “See we have already talked with Amy and Timmy but we haven’t been able to locate Kristen as yet. She was pushing two of her fingers deep inside her wet cunt, her legs were splayed widely giving me a clear view of her wet pussy. Then she said, remember when we were playing war, and I was on top of Marc’s shoulders. Mike, can I talk to you a sec?" Without waiting for an answer, I headed to the stream. He knew that he should let any initiation of come from her end. I wasn’t going to argue with that…who would. Sarah got me horny, so your future wife needs some lovin, Big Time.” ************************************************* Two days later, the hot tub was delivered and set. I’ll see you in the morning” He whispers. Slowly and reluctantly she slid her black lacy panties off and threw them on top of her trousers.

She stepped closer and ripped down my boxers, looking at my nine inch cock with a look that had me thought that she might eat it, she looked. He looked at her legs, tucked under her but parted slightly, and at the gentle curve of her hips, and the sleek outline of her slim upper body, her breasts high and firm looking on her chest.

Very nervous when a boss would be around, or if I showed up in his area. ************************************************************************************************************************ Lacy walked into her first period nervously. Conner watched, stroking his growing cock at the sight of these two beautiful women who he had ed having their own. I just sat there staring forward because I didn’t want anyone to get in trouble.” Miles asked, “So, if even though you knew that if you told. &Ldquo;Mom, while you weren’t looking, your little boy grew up but this is not the time to talk about that. She said thank you, I try, and I really enjoy writing them. I text Zoe and told her how I liked the surprise today and hope she wasn’t on the edge of killing her family because I knew how they got to her sometimes. You should crackhead a dating have seen the look on Jason and Brianna’s face. He looked around the room she had set up full length mirrors at either side of her bed, allowing for Jake to get better angles of the action. He’d had a taste of some fine breasts and pussy and wanted more. A moment later, Danielle called out that the food was ready and we went into the house & sat down at the kitchen table.

I smiled and patted her head when I saw a bowl on the ground next to my chair with her helping.

Seriously, if you don’t feel good about this, then let’s just call it an evening and if you want, we’ll go out again and see how that goes.” “No. I wondered why they thought each other such rivals. &Ldquo;You know that little hole in your closet, you keep covered up with that long dress of yours.” I turned red and stuttered, “What hole?” “Oh come on,” Mom said, and drug me to my closet after flipping off all my lights. I was 5’09 about 140lbs with thick brown curly hair and a weird brown-green eye color, my complexion is white but I’m not completely white. Trav, your cock feels so good” “Oh my God Jackie, your pussy is the finest. A minute later fiona hoisted her skirt around her waist, her black lace knickers showing streaks of dried spunk. Then I started on her right leg and worked my way up and again I touched my sister’s pussy as I got to the top of her thigh. She hadn’t hated or really even disliked Javier; it was simply time to move. Danny wasn't well endowed and though he was 6 years older than me, not much taller. But here she was, her first time with this guy, a first date dating a soldier in iraq if you will, and we are both naked, we’ve already ed, I’ve swallowed his cum, he’s pissing off the boat right in front of me, and it seems like the most natural thing dating a soldier with ptsd dating a soldier with ptsd in the world. &Ldquo;Ham is part of a growing puppies diet?” I gave her a look that told her I wasn’t happy with her… She smiled. Mom followed the black balls and was soon licking the sore cunt that finally rested from the dilation. &Ldquo;Let's take a shower and go to the police station and get this over with” Ben says as he leads her to the shower and washes her and then dries her off. We are so totally ed.” “I fear we are,” Leanan Sidhe said. She was not drunk, but she laughed and talked loudly, her body giving off all the little hints that would normally lead a man dating a soldier with ptsd to her bed. Emma reacted to this quite positively, as she made a sound best described as a low pur as my hands explored her body. At that moment Peter walked passed so Ann called to him in hushed tones so that others would not overhear. I can’t give that up for a blow no matter how good she dating a soldier with ptsd looks,” the old black man replied. She was extremely tight now, as I inched my way. As it turned out Lavern had always been in love with me but just kept making the wrong choices in her life. She opened up and told me about her abusive father and her embarrassing crush on her scout troop leader, who turned out to be a friend of her mother’s. Sarin stood behind her with her arms crossed across her chest. The sensations were increasing second by second; towards she knew not what, only that she was desperate to get there. "And when I'm wearing these," Jenny confessed, "I don't wear any underwear with them, because it gets uncomfortable having all those layers." Jenny began rubbing her crotch through her cheer panties.

The garbage guy leads her to the side of the truck where he hoses your wife down washing away the cum and slime. You ain’t getting back with that deadbeat, and you know it.” “My kids…” “If it’s gonna happen…” “I know, I know…” “Do you picture him naked?” Bridget asked. There was no pubic hair, just a bald deliciously looking slit. I ran my tongue all around the rim of his exposed glans. &Ldquo;We’ll wash each other, and if you’d like I’ll help you get off. Lily-May’s twenty-first birthday was approaching plans were afoot for a special party to celebrate. It seems it’s time to bring him in for an interview and find out the real name of the girl that used the alias of Debbie Reynolds.” Matt giggled, “You mean Debbie Reynolds the movie star?” He started clapping his hands together then slapping his knees, “That’s ing classic, good luck with that one.

She has been with me ever since doing a better job than any of her predecessors. My vision was completely red… I was angrier than I had been in forever… This was how it always is… someone always thought they could push. They have dated for a year now, so I am pretty sure, they are in the same place you and I are right now, naked and in bed.” “You ok with that.

My cock was physically tired, I could feel it straining from all the cumming like a sore leg muscle after running a long way. The movement had the effect of shoving my face into the back of the couch, and effectively muffled anything that I might say – or scream. Bill quickly brought an end to her thoughts by yelling for her to bring him a beer if dinner was not ready yet.

I wanted a big walk in shower, plus a whirlpool bath tub, and double sinks. Thinking these thoughts as I stroked in and out affected me so much that, within only a few minutes, I was cumming inside Grace.

&Ldquo;Fancy slipping outside for a breath of fresh air. "Well I did try to describe it as best I could darling. Candice could smell the cigarette smell on the old guy. Nikki could come and go as she pleased or needed to, while Teagan, Courtney, Ally and Skye volunteered to watch over and help Sundee as long as she needed.

In fact, just sliding it down over her body, and smoothing it into place, made her hot. The man seemed to be a prophet – his dick was definitely not going to be the last one inside. He didn’t care at all about dating a soldier with ptsd my butt hole being ripped open and all the blood pouring out. Buckshot rubbed his hands together in pleased anticipation, and then he reached and took the coffee as Michelle served him. &Ldquo;Damn, it’s almost four.” He said. All the guys were allowed to do was watch their women in action and urge them to be very bad each time one of the club’s stud dancers came to their table. You know you want some,” she spread her legs a little wider, “and I need it bad.” I undressed, took the condom from my back pocket and helped her with her need……. &Ldquo;Hello?” “Where’s my pool boy?” Mrs. My mommy and daddy were really proud of me that I was a big girl now.” Miles held out his hand and helped Kristen to her feet.

&Ldquo;I’m nothing but a worthless cunt,” she repeated choking back sobs. Plus I would love to get to lie beside you while we both get sported by your two handsome sons.” “I bet the boys would love to put us in a 69 stack sandwich and us from both ends, at the same time, don’t you,” she asked, with a playful giggle. A half shot of pearly cum appeared in the tip, hanging by a thread a couple of inches. It wasn't long before he lost interest in her and turned his attention to little girls exclusively. Fill me up Baby……… Miss that cock of yours.” Josh took his time in stroking in and out of her. So, as dating a widower with children I walked to my office, I heard some muffled conversations coming out of the girls bedroom. Near the end of the hour, she approached him not sure what she was going to say. She got down to his eye level and drew herself closer staring him in the eye and then she kissed him on the lips and slowly gave him a tongue lashing that murfed into some very nice cock sucking. He started to slowly move his dick in and out of Jennifer, enjoying the feeling of her tighter recess. Joe keeps his fingers buried deep inside of Maryse as her orgasm washes over her, he wasn’t sure he is able to do much else himself as his own orgasm is still muddling his brain. But, I hope you don’t have bad thoughts about the way I have been acting tonight. Daddy kept thrusting into me deep and hard and I moaned deep into Amber's snatch then I reached up and stuck two fingers into her little cunt and spread her lips so I could dive my tongue deeper into her. Jack and Grace break from their kiss finding the stepsibling lovers kissing just as they were. We walked over to the bed and I jumped on and pulled her along with. I used the full length of my tongue, starting at the very bottom of her pussy and licking all the way to the top. Through half open eyes, Nathan watched her stick her tongue out and lick the precum off of the tip, causing him to moan at the sight. I was just starting out, just really coming into my power, and I was finally to the point that I could kill with my power. After with Becca, he assumed Gracy would be like making love to an inflatable doll, with all the effort she was likely to exert. She never stopped thinking about the stupendous ing weapon, and spent hours each day dreaming about getting it back in her again. As the fire started going down, we all decided it was time to head inside. She asked Maria why her boobs were hanging out of her shirt and said “what’s wrong Connie. They lay on their sides with Sarah's legs around him and both their arms around each other. Meekness had kept her and Sveta alive, raped, barely fed, abused beyond the limits of sanity at times, but alive.

Kay managed to bring Mom to another climax before she took her by the hips and rolled her over, with Kay ending up on top. You talk about things right out in the open especially when you think the women are stupid like Adam and Sal thought about. She gave me a look and I knew she was going to say yes. *Names changed to protect the innocent…yeah right LOL, but seriously this is not their real names. Her mind was racing with excitement trying to stay focused on what Tom was saying and nodded her head, “Yes, sir that’s true.” Tom continued, “I see your grades are such that there is no possible way for you not to graduate and it looks like you will graduate with honors.” Emma once again nodded, “Yes, sir I’m at the top of my class, sir.” Tom said, “That’s very good. Grunting I pounded her tight asshole as hard and fast as I could go, her ass slapping against my groin as my balls bounced against her fingers as she frigged her pussy.

I have a 20 year daughter too, who attends Syracuse University. I must have been doing good because she would say, “That’s it Baby……. Do the honors and make your coin-toss!" The naked man took the quarter and tossed it into the air. Once they finished, the elder walked to the window, and dove out. &Ldquo;Why can't you sleep in your own bed tonight?” Amy walks closer to the bed wiping tears from her eyes. Why would any girl be with a guy like that?” Miles said, “Well, that’s what I am trying to figure out. The Police spokeswoman said, if they did not find the other man alive, the two men would probably be facing a potential murder charge. &Ldquo;Go get me a large bath towel from the bathroom.” She almost ran to bring the towel back and gave. Problem solved.” “Look, I just want to know.” She told me defensively. He licked her nipple with a slow, upwards stroke of the flat of his tongue then ran it in circles around the erect bud trying to keep it soft but firm. Before she went down on my shaft, she took my ring off. Before getting out of bed to go clean up, Steven got up first and i followed shortly after. She reached up to Courtney’s back and pulled on the strings to Courtney’s bikini top. My mom received her degree in education and taught grammar school during the school year and played on a beach volleyball league during the summer. He calls Hilary and tells her that he just bought three Suburban's for the new maids to use.

You may have bad feelings for, as you say, 'spying' on us, but if you learn constructive things from your mistakes, it will all work out better in the end. I was just laying on the bed, my back against the headboard, with my laptop on my lap, go figure. It wasn't 10 minuets later when I remembered his comment in the car about his 8 1/2” cock, and with the thought of that unrealistic size I laughed a little. &Ldquo;He wants to see me between Pam’s legs, eating her, as he eats me and then slide that gorgeous cock in me and me until we all cum.” Annie moaned again. I dressed and made my way to the dining room for coffee. I wanted to tell you that all the guys cant wait for another session with you, he told.

Carol leaned over and kissed me and said, I think you know the answer to that. She pretty much wore shorts the whole week and tank tops, which showed off her breasts. In a perverse way, Robert found the cool chocolate acted as a salve and felt really quite nice.

I looked at Dani, and shrugged and said ok with. They had spent their four years at UCLA specializing in getting banged by rich college boys, as well as by a string of much wealthier local area men, most of whom were married. I arched my back, threw my head back, and begged for him to shove his long, muscular fingers into my cunt. &Ldquo;I’ve only d-done it once,” Alice admitted. Can we do this again?” I’m off for the next two days. Almost instantaneously, she began tasting her friends juices, savoring each drop of Jenny’s girl cum as it began flowing from somewhere deep inside. Ben and Becky watch him suck on Reanna's pussy while she deep throats his cock. &Ldquo;You are completely evil…” She pulled her knees up to her chest and rocked back and forth. He looked at Josh and said, “She meant for us to get naked Bro……..You sure you are okay with all of this?... &Ldquo;I’m so hungry I could eat a horse and come back for seconds; and I’m sure you don’t want me running out of gas halfway.” Carol giggled.

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