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Seconds later he exploded with his first shot landing in Kim’s hair and the next landing with a splat on her back. Tristen was very vocal and enjoying every minute of her first go at anal. I’ll promise you’d know exactly how. It takes a moment before the elf realizes, and I wonder if she’s going to mutiny, before she finally drops her head, and nods. &Ldquo;It’s ok, I like the way it makes me feel.

Not really believing that anything would happen she decided to play along for a minute. Tiffany writhed beneath Chris, hugging the nerdy guy to her body. He lowered his eyes: - It's good, we will have the resident card, go back to sleep.

After passing through the man-gate, Jen took my hand and guided me down the path to the beach area. His voice was husky as he told me, "I'm gonna make it better!" His hands moved softly over my butt. Against my planning, I had a premature orgasm from the excitement. Then she pictured her father’s face when she caught him ing her mother but the one thing that she did like was the size and girth of her father’s penis. Just saying it makes me hot.” After another quiet couple of minutes, Sonya asked, “Did you see how ugly that donkey was, whose picture Perez showed us?” “It is bad enough to have to get ed by a bunch of Mexican donkeys, but if they all look as bad as that one does, then we are in for an exceptionally bad weekend of ing.” Now resigned to their well paid fate, Dominique, looking at the bright side, slid over and put a hand inside of Sonya’s right thigh, and then ran it right up to her crotch. The genie said ‘I am really not lost but I will grant you one wish for your troubles.’ The cowboy thought and said that he would like a hi-way built from Wyoming to Hawaii so he could ride his horse to Hawaii. He licked his lips and pulled her into his arms, making her straddle him on his bed. The tip of my left bare boob itched, and I rubbed it absently. &Ldquo;If you touch me like that we’ll need another shower and we don’t have time.” I stepped close and rubbed my half erect cock across her belly. I could see and feel the bulge moving up and down her neck. In truth he was trying places and seeing if one spot in particular was important, and if t wasn’t he resumed thrusting in and out. Can I suck you for a little bit, please?’ Rebecca said, ‘you can suck him only if he comes over here and shaves my pussy.’ Nicole didn’t wait for anyone to tell her yes or no she just put it in her mouth.’ Miles knew she was on a roll and interrupting her and changing her train of thought could make her miss some details but this whole scenario was orchestrated by her. "Oh mommy I missed you so much." Brad stepped out, he hugged her too, explaining the noisy machine. Later Rose explained that she had slowly come to enjoy the punishment and now she loved it and she would sometimes disobey Lord Bennet so that he would punish her and sometimes she craved punishment so severe that she was unable to move for days. I started stripping down and said to her, “I am going to take a quick shower, alone, and be right back.

It still hurts me to take a penis deep inside.” Jim mounted his daughter as he usually did. They tasted different than anything I had tasted before. He sat there thinking to himself as she scanned his face for approval of her outfit. When her porn movie debut was complete, and her performance was safely stored in the boy’s computer memory, for posterity, they had driven on to Santa Barbara. I decided that college may be the right place for me to go, so I enrolled over the summer.” “So you’re going to a college here too. &Ldquo;Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” is all he could hear as she mashed her pussy right onto his hungry mouth. So I got down between her legs and started licking and teasing her. Tim was beside himself, watching the scene unfolding in front of him. I was stunned at realizing her birth family would be here within hours to claim Angel and take her from. He loves me and all of his other women, including her mother and aunt and nieces. When the dog returned he was hunching on his leg and scratching the ground and shacking a stick in his mouth. We continued stroking their hard cocks for quite awhile, changing from slow easy strokes, when someone walked by, to fast furious strokes when no one was in view. Suddenly she reached under as if to dutifully milk some cow and grabbed the end of his dick and gave a squeeze.

They go back to the mansion and call the women to the living room and tell them to select what carpet they want in their rooms. Then he realized that while Gracy was talking he had subconsciously driven home. We burst from the surface together, into the sunlight, our chests heaving in unison, both of us gasping for air and a new supply of life-giving oxygen. The lights went out and I almost lost myself to sleep. Kyle smiled, and then picked her up by her ass, letting her wrap her arms and legs around him. As then period bell rang, Rajiv pulled the elastic of my panty and snapped it with a loud sound. She quickly rotated again, eager to make his big dick hard. Sue pulled the vibe out when he stopped, and went down licking his cock and my ass eating the cum oozing from us both, dating advicwe Chris nearly cum again as she sucked his cock deep into her mouth, sucking the last of his cum from his balls. It's fine with me." "Wow, cool." The girls were starting to loosen. Al was shy and easily embarrassed and unsuccessful with girls, but he had all the 19 year old male urges. They were but two of dozens of locks I had bought for the property, all keyed alike. &Ldquo;I’ve lost him!” he sobbed into my dressing-gown, “He’s gone for good now. In other words this place was a safe haven for all of these sick bastards. She stopped her squirming, accepting the inevitable. &Ldquo;It'll be my pleasure,” he thought as he slipped between her widespread legs. The woman in front of me was quite striking โ€“ she seemed to be of similar age to my boss, in her mid 30s, but she was a bit taller than Ms Kelsoe, and her hair was darker and cut in a shorter style. Janna grabbed my cock and guided it to her waiting gash.

He was sucking on my wet labia, nibbling my swollen clit and also pushing his fingers in and out of my hole. &Ldquo;Thank you ma’am, that’s too kind.” I pulled Karly’s chair out for her and she preened as she sat down. My cock slid right into her and stayed there, it didn’t slip out, and we eased into rhythm. She darted her face into his neck, the tip of her nose bent at his skin.

I started to wonder if it wasn’t the hair on his head, but the ones on his chest.

Married or not, she couldn’t help the way she felt. Some kind of monstrous beast is rampaging through the streets.

After a short time the 7 inch, slightly down curved penis had worked it's way fully into her throat. I'm not operating under the delusion that I'm your first lover. After two or three minutes of thrusting and grinding, my body started screaming for more. Alonzo served us small beef filets with roasted potatoes and buttered carrots along with a choice Merlot. She'd just go someplace where she would be appreciated -- and could look at girls at the same time. Her tits were like a 34C or something and her ass was nice and round.

I put my head slightly down and walked towards something, I had no idea what, dating confidence but I had to look like I knew, or had somewhere.

I returned to my maximum speed, ramming her from below so fast that my balls actually hurt from the movement. She took another deep breath and steeled her nerve, “I need you to cum on my face.” Chapter 9 I sat quietly in the back seat of the limo lost in my own thoughts. He asks all the students to do the same thing with the corpses in front of them. &Ldquo;Could we do more of that without it being the first step to ?” Peter answered by kissing her. &Ldquo;Oh Thomas you are a gift from god,” she exclaims coming down dating advicwe from her final orgasm. It’s late at night as the best friends giggle and chat, in the pirvacy of their own rooms. &Ldquo;I told you I get the statements to my email.” “I know, they sent them to me.” I didn’t look up at him. "If you ever got that in' wish, you'd need a damned big truck to carry your loot home in." Dana finished roughly bandaging his arm, then she snatched up his jacket and hurriedly washed the blood off the sleeve under the sink faucet, then dried. I said I am going to talk with the real estate company about it this week and see what I can do, since I only have a few more months. I practically had my whole in fist in my pussy, slamming it in and out, banging my clit with my other hand until it was on fire. Jim gave his daughter’s ass a squeeze as he turned his torso towards his daughter’s mouth.

The mood in the bar had begun to change when Snowman had bought a round and several of the men had gotten Leon to a table and one of them had taken him a drink. &Ldquo;Thanks coach.” Joe was waiting for me in the locker room. Jake got up, stood behind her and started to finger her pussy, getting his finger lubed up, he replaced her finger with hers, slowly penetrating her virgin anus. Showy, and suitable for a parade or for impressing your friends, but not for your long-term girlfriend needs. &Lsquo;Oh, that's nice,’ replied the teacher. And she had, because he was the best she'd ever had. Her hand came and met mine, wrapping around the outside of my hand tightly. Besides when you work out you will be working up a sweat and having all this hair will cause you great discomfort and it will stink. &Ldquo;Goddamn this bitch has a tight ing pussy!” Tank roared, as he continued to pound Hannah’s luscious cunt. He also told her that the only way off of the road she was on was death. Her eyes were closed and she was biting her bottom lip. I was quickly discovering how erotic it is to have someone touch my backside. I didn’t know what was going to happen next with these two builders but I wasn’t going to miss an opportunity like this and decided to film. She would occasionally let a small moan escape her lips, uttering my name, our tongues invading each other’s mouths to wrestle each other, blocking out the world around us to bathe in this intense, life-altering moment.

&Ldquo;We are here to punish you for leaving us” Sandra announced. We've known each other for all our lives so you know you can trust me." Bob sat there hugging his wife, they looked into each others eyes and Maria nodded her head. It wasn't until after she went to kiss me goodbye and made a face about my having not wiped her pussy glaze off my face and kissed my forehead instead that I realized my morning hard-on didn't get any attention. David looked at James in fear now, expecting James to be mad at him. Most people he knew were either addicted to the sound and picture of TV or were incessant channel flippers. We were stepping into the shower when all hell broke loose from the other shower. &Ldquo;Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr” is all he could muster as he shot rope after rope of cum deep inside her. I’m expecting a bit of traffic in the next few hours. I can see a mixture of fear and excitement in her eyes as I force her to handle my shaft and then drive it into her young somewhat unwilling mouth. Mercedes moaned into Cathy's crotch causing her to close her thighs on her head. And, Pete and Karen fully understand, as does your sister and me.” “By the way, when did you get this waterbed?” Kim asked. Her ass still stuck out the back and the horse had a knob that her pussy rested. &Ldquo;Are you ok?” she questioned as I bolted past her. Are you up to that?” Al saw the challenge in her smile. It was pretty common all over the ancient world.” Danielle explained, instantly noticing the opened shirt, and the fairly deep cleavage Jamie had revealed. Never would I imagine Barb liking a site like this. I had to move fast, skirt around any women, and then get into my dorm room. Sam moved down onto his knees straddling her chest and then he began to push his penis in and out of her mouth trying to get her to swallow it just like I dating and 40 s did. &Ldquo;Master!” Sheila is suddenly next to Becky and I, prostrating herself on her knees and hugging my legs. This was the same, diving into something new, even if it was scary, new, and all the more risky. Give it to me now” I started slowly at first, and every thrust in was met by Jackie thrusting her hips, up and into. I have powerful people looking over me." He was lying. What do you call it when a 90 year old man masturbates successfully. After a bit, she quit rubbing my chest and nipples, so I returned the favor and slipped a hand under her shirt and started rubbing her breast. He let her take a break and have some lunch and told the orderlies to make sure that she showered. After a long pause, I repeated, “It just happened.” I looked up at him, his eyes burning into mine. Finally the Governor blew his wad up her ass and then watched his huge load of jism start oozing out from around the base of his immense shaft, and run down onto his balls and into his ass crack. As we walked down the long hallways from my room I would try and peak into each room as we passed them. She let out a long low moan of pleasure as she took him completely inside her pussy. Condoms (we called them ‘rubbers’ back then) came in a three pack and we always bought them from vending machines in service station restrooms… “for the prevention of disease only” of course.) My boss had told me that if, and when, the temperature hit 104 degrees, we’d call it quits and go home dating fender squire bullet guitars for the day. Alex makes more money than I do, from teaching at the U and a trickle of book royalties.

One thing about a snatch and grab, you want it quick and quiet. Steve is only coming in to show a woman she is appreciated.” I laughed. He is eight inches long and about three inches wide. I guess it’s my job to suck for my treasure?” Miles had his eyes closed as he was picturing his daughter who was sitting between his legs playing with his cock and licking his balls, “Please sweetie ~ please suck me I want to finish so badly.” Kristen opened her mouth and took his penis into her mouth bobbing up and down just the top half and then every so often would swallow his entire shaft. Instead, she continued to tug me, leading me by my stiff cock to her office. I still jerked off one more time before falling asleep. Looking into her eyes, I saw her strain, my fingers still working her holes made more cum drip out, then a small wee began, said Oh yes Please, then more and then finally, she let loose, her bladder now pushing out a huge amount of piss, my body was soaked but I moved around showing her my enjoyment. She looked him in the eye trying to summon up some courage before finally speaking. So he was depressed, came here and we drank together and whoops!’ ‘It all makes sense now… Maybe he did tell me that, but I can’t remember anything, just that we drank and he looked upset.

It was the same place that she had lost her virginity to her father. Then she hopped up onto Miles wrapping her legs around him just like she did with her father and Agent Murphy and said, “You are my protector now Doctor Spencer. She lifted up on all fours and I had clear access to her from behind. It'll be no problem whatsoever." I thank her but tell her that I don't want to be a bother and that the parking at the airport is cheap. When she was done she looked at herself in the mirror. I do all my big business deals right from this room.’ He then led me to his private bathroom on the other side of the office.

The cold air must have kept most of the people away as we had the tub to ourselves.

For some reason that felt more right for the moment that kissing her lips. &Ldquo;Baby girl… I asked you to marry me because I’m selfish. I recognize 3-sums as a reality and the first I had was actually with them, but I didn’t want them do be too used or addicted to that situation instead of a good and pleasant man โ€“ woman relationship. Now Emma was left with her own thoughts, pictures of the events that had took place that evening swirled in her mind. Occasionally one of us would be seen dashing naked downstairs to retrieve something, but that was the exception instead of the rule. &Ldquo;I’m sorry baby.” She muttered as she pulled me close and started to smother my face with play kisses.

Of course, when the last guy gets tired and can't summon up one more drop of jizz, I'm dating advicwe gonna take this nine inch monster and plow you pretty good, you little anal whore. He switched nipples and hands as she arched her back, the pleasure making her heart speed up and her breaths become shallow. Sofia's hair was damp and her face flushed, although she didn't feel feverish. She brings it back and she notices that Victoria looks like she is five months pregnant with all dating an indian in america the semen in her womb. She started moving her hips back into me every time I drove into her. She held her kneesock-wrapped legs wide to the sides, allowing him to plunge deep into her sweet twat. "Why that must be terribly painful," she said, "maybe I should reconsider staying in Heaven and go straight to Hell instead." "Oh. Standing by his bedside, I look down, and can barely hear his rattling breath escaping around a tube in his mouth. "I can't help it, this thing has a mind of its own sometimes and it can be pretty uncomfortable to wear jeans some days." I whispered back. How when I was alone and she was all that I had, she was always there. Rubbing his face in the cum" how you like this mother. So much so that they felt it OK to bring along other friends. Josh hurried back to the girls, relaying the message. Joe knew in his heart of hearts that it was only a matter of dating advicwe time before his wife discovered what he was. A bunch of people were backed up in the corners of the room. Her mom just thought she bought some things for herself, which Heather said she did. Being a typical red-blooded American man his thoughts immediately went to ‘I wonder what it would be like to be with either lady ually.’ Tom immediately flashed his million dollar smile at the ladies as he approached the desk. He moved back up straight and slowly withdrew his dick from her. Bill looked at him with a surprised expression on his face and whispered back. The door down here must be the little girl’s room.’ The one man said, ‘come on fellas this isn’t right we should just leave. &Ldquo;trust me” she said, “It will be worth it&rdquo. Sam focused on Ashley's response and began to work the cock more insistently into the hole. She looked up at him, expectations in her blue eyes, this angered him and he wanted to bash her head against the tree, “I’m guessing Maryse phoned you.” He glared at her, her words were soft, so that nobody else could perhaps overhear them, this unsettled him slightly, and why would she want to do that. In and out of consciousness Scarlet feels as the monster cauterizes the tongue wound and eye wound with a heated up hot poker from the nearby fire. She looked like a priceless jewel, all pale skin and gloriously naked flesh. She had been tempered by this moment and had come out somehow stronger… I wanted her even more… I didn’t respond I just leaned in and kissed her with every fiber of my being. I think they’re both losing their virginities together.” Stay tuned for part 2 Daddy is coming home Jim and Beverly sat in the tub reminiscing about certain things that happened many years ago. I never had you down as a voyeur” Paul had stood and was talking to James only.

He tells her to take off her pants and he starts rubbing her thighs. He wanted desperately to have his entire cock in a hole but despite his pounding, Lisa's throat was simply too tight and never relented to his thick length. Moving behind me, I hear him dig into his duffle once more. Thoughts like those were dangerous for one during war as I found out the hard way. After moving his fingers around inside of her ass a little longer, he pulled them out and watched her asshole slowly close again. She had more tricks up her metaphorical sleeve, as I was to discover shortly. Come on, I’ll show you.” Conner stood there for a second as she walked off. But after I parted my lips and applied just a little pressure, she began to return my gentle kiss with pressure of her own. It was something considered taboo by most people and things that are taboo to most, I usually find enjoyable. &Ldquo;As hard as you can, please Al.” So he obeyed her command and he obeyed the commands of his cock. But, and I kid you not, no one will hurt you because, if they do, I will hurt them a whole lot more.” His gaze was steady, boring into her head. But I also have my naughty, slutty side, that loves a good ing. She seemed like she could have been your little daughter ~right ~ Daddy?” At first Tom was thrown by what Gemma said but as he thought about it as her smoldering pussy emanated its heat over his pants he thought about what she had said. Upon seeing Samantha, I found it very hard to believe her story.

He sprays the worm until it is straight and stiff as a board. Her hips had good width though which led me to believe she probably had a nice ass. I thought about pushing a finger into her mouth but I was afraid she'd bite. This is a true story about the first time I had with my older brother. As I lapped at her sperm filled pussy, I gazed upwards, seeing Nikki's heavy breasts swaying as my efforts brought her pleasure and then Jonny was there, standing over us, his cock still mostly hard and dripping with sperm and pussy juice. She must of thought the other shoe needed tied too so she sat down on the grass, facing me this time, and spread her little legs so she could tie that shoe. The smell of food must have awakened Brian, for he came down just before it was ready. First off he told us that you worked for him a few years back.” Alicia said, “Yes that’s true. Miles once again admitted defeat and he said, “Okay, Kristen we will play it your way just for another day.” Miles began to hypnotize her and then said, “Today I want you to tell me about Oklahoma and the real reason why you left Latrobe, Pennsylvania.

Right before I pulled them on, my dad gave my ass a hard smack. She turned and leaned against the tiles, like she was getting arrested.

His daddy told him that it wasn’t nice to stare and say things like that about. &Ldquo;Man, am I glad I actually found the weight room.” Tom laughed at his own comment, then, without warning, pulled his cock almost all the way out of Nolan's asshole. He already knew his sister would show up a good 30 minutes before anyone else. Bill and I each had a beer dating an angry man and abuse and we got in on the opposite side of the girls, and just sat back and enjoyed the jets shooting the warm water over. I invited Karen to join me, showed her where the dressing room was, and relaxed in the lounger to get some sun. Anything” “You are the first guy I have ever spent the whole night with. Then i went to my aunts door but she also didn't respond. I’ll need a good rubdown after that run!” Bill proudly told her, “I’ll do that myself, Darling!” Bill then spoke to his men, “I’ll give Coco a thirty minute massage and may soak her in the hot tub for a few minutes.

Once I am made King of the Centaur I will then place Raymond on the International council and with him and his votes will give me 85% of the international votes needed to give me the power to remain King until I decide to step down. Every time Anna slammed against Jenna's pussy, Kelly flicked her tongue against Anna's swollen clit also, feeling Anna shiver.

The day I got picked, there really wasn’t too much to put away other than a couple carts of basket-balls. I’m going to cummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Kim yelled out. He pushed in with a grunt and felt something along the lines of a fleshy, bulbous wall. With some difficulty I told him “I was just taking tome pictures of the ladies and this delicious meal but I’ll stop if it’s bothering someone.” Just then Donna nibbled on the tip of my shaft and I had to bite my tongue to keep from yelping.

Josh turned when he heard her come from the back kitchen door and he leaned against the wall and was breathing heavy because of the heat.

They both had their arms full of cookies so I guided them into the house and had them place the cookies on the floor next to the door. I pulled my shirt off and walked towards her, letting her look at my chest. &Ldquo;I guess I always saw myself as becoming a doctor, or a lawyer or something… but the more I think about it, the less I think I’d like a job like that. &Ldquo;Show em your tits!” He ordered without an expression on his face. The fingers reached the top of my stockings and fingered the supporting elastic.

A San Francisco man who bit his dog as part of a ‘primal’ training regime has been ordered to stand trial on felony charges of animal cruelty. Every inch of her body had been used, and physically, she was exhausted. &Ldquo;No Jack…Don’t speak, just enjoy me.” She smiles a sweet reassuring smile. My hand was on her tight as jeans and we were sweating to the August heat and booze. If you can’t win when the chips are down, doesn’t matter how good you look in a demo tape, or how many guys you beat at how many tournaments. &Ldquo; she exclaimed as my head reached her mound. The head expanded as my hot cum shot deeply into her bowels--making her scream with pleasure. He pushed her over onto her back and slid up her beautiful body as she continued to jerk him.

They held the embrace for some time before they pulled back slightly and gazed at each other staring into each other’s eyes. I needed a cock in my pussy, soon, and only Lonni’dating s long advicwe, slender cock would.

She had large C cup tits that had to sag because when she wore her bikini in the summer they hung down little. Come and see us soon and don’t worry, the ‘problem’ has been dealt with. Unlike some petite women, her body and legs are proportioned as elegantly as a ballerina, as her mother. Ayesha was stand now and didn’t move to next relative like she was waiting for me to say something to her. Next to us the boys started clapping and expressing how hot our act was. Tonight was unusually crowded, as all computers were occupied, save one. His chin was chiseled as if it had been crafted by a master sculptor The same apparently applied to other parts of his body as well, but more on that later. What was down there?” Kristen said, “Well, ‘G’ told me that his grandfather built this secret passageway and bunker under the mansion during World War II just in case the Germans invaded Sweden. Suddenly, as if running into a wall, Robert felt desperately lonely. You have me so turned on now… God I love this side of you…. They left knowing if they needed any stock worked we were only a phone call away, and Angel was already showing them she’d learn to care for the horse properly. I ask if she liked the taste of her own pussy and she said I like cock better. Not too much dialog, poor acting, and great scenes. Suddenly her bedroom door opens startling her, she gasp quickly turning to look because she thought it was locked. His blood pressure was through the roof as his face was beet red and so were his eyes as he turned and charged dating advicwe at Topher. As Amanda sat there flashing colin her panties John slipped his hand between her legs and gave her pussy a quick feel. Understand Princess you were at that special age that most girls in our families learn how to do those, sort of things. Not really able to concentrate at all, Johnathon was just blowing the hell out of everything his father placed in front of him. Meanwhile, Michael lay there, gasping and heaving for breath, his erect cock subsiding into a curled sleeping monster again, softly against his now rather messy stomach. CHAPTER 7 I backed down the stairs as silently as I could, trying to figure out what to do next. After the wedding, the newlyweds went back to her mother's house. Meanwhile out on the dance floor, Jack's warm touch feels so good to Alyssa as both of his hands roam over her full soft ass cheeks.

I was eventually able to take almost all of his dick in my mouth. &Ldquo;The guys I was talking to in the bar earlier,” he said, “told me that the ridge behind the Old Man rises to more than two thousand feet. I ripped off her shorts and panties, unable to wait any longer and rubbed the head of my cock along her slit before slowly pushing into her virgin pussy. That means that I have to bring you or else.” I dating advicwe asked, “Or else what?” Kimberly looked down at the floor, up at the ceiling, and then she looked me right in the eyes. When I got on the floor I noticed Karly had already gotten down on the floor and was lying facing back towards me… I smiled at her, her face dark under the seats… I heard her squirm a bit further back towards me… “I was wondering when you’d figure out I was down here and come see me.” She whispered. I pulled her close and whispered to her, “I’m sorry. She still has her wine glass in her hand, which seems to accentuate her lust for indulgence.

&Ldquo;You know, dating advicwe if you sign on with us we could have more of these meetings and you can have all your fantasies come true. He withdrew his dick, removed the condom, gave it a couple of strokes and โ€“ added his cum to mine on top of my stomach. Mary changed subjects then and said, “Sam, what you gave us last night was so super, but we think we should pay for it.” I shook my head and chuckled. I could feel my left nipple be at the end of his oral attack, a grinding tongue, gently rough teeth. He walked home from school and arrived at two thirty every day. I would rather pole dance and screw for tips, than to have to work in that boring damned business.” Dale wasn’t at all shocked by the negative position their spoiled wives were taking, so he quickly responded, “Well, since you would rather turn tricks than work, Ira did offer us the alternative of our not having to change a thing in the business, in exchange for us going back to having our regular parties, with you two taking over the job of servicing his ual demands, however gross they might be.” Dominique responded heatedly, “So, now you’re telling us that you are willing to pimp us out to your disgusting banker, in order to get him to play ball with you on the loans. It even had more skin than the other movie we watched, which included a lesbian scene. What makes you say that?’ he asked, putting on his best innocent expression. I cocked my head, listening to the voices… One of them was definitely Karly… My eyes closed as I realized what was most likely happening… I felt my heart sink.

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