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She managed to swallow it all down before the second ejaculation refilled her mouth. He told me what I was doing was dirty, and only a whore played with herself. "I’m sorry Lauren; I just can’t go out with a girl with a penis” She slams the phone down and her eyes start to water, she soon bursts in to tears.

&Ldquo;Hi baby, all through with your shower?” “Yeah, Lucy is in there now.” “I’m a little surprised that you came out here in your towel, figured since you and your sister had a bathroom right off your rooms now that you would not be coming out here like this.” “Mom, just because we don’t have to walk through the house to get to our rooms from the bath doesn’t mean that I don’t still want you to dry me off like always.” “Baby, I’m happy to hear you say that.” Mom reached up and took my towel and pulled it from around my waist. They feel happier in slavery, and with proper training they experience pain and degradation as pleasure. Fletcher bit her lip, eyes locked on my shaft as it twitched against my stomach, one hand gently touching it now and then, and the other going from one breast to the next squeezing and pinching her own nipples. She leaned against the door frame wearing only a hotel bathrobe. &Ldquo;Alright then,” I removed my clothes and got down on my knees. I am ready for her.” Miles reached under his desk and pressed the button and the door buzzed and then it opened slightly. He gave me only seconds to adjust, before he began slowly sliding it out until only the head remained, and then thrusting all the way back. He left shortly after that, promising to call her the next day, so they could make plans for the next time they met. We talked for a bit and Teagan asked, “Babe, can I have a massage please?” “Sure baby.” I said as I rolled over, sat up and straddled Teagan gently. His dick was hard from the ual atmosphere in the room and he saw Brad and Julia standing sipping drinks, so he went to join them. She shrugged, knowing, for some reason, that looking like this was exactly what she wanted. As soon as we entered the house, he tried to jump on me, hug, grab, kiss. But no, she was afraid you weren’t ready for this type of shit and she knows it is unfair to you. He eased back and she moved with him, her body slumped against his as she tried to recover. It is one of the Swedish magazines, not that he'd be reading it anyway. Secretively she made arrangements for a nude of Ben. She fell back forward across Joe, breathing heavily and her body still twitching with aftershocks of her orgasm. When she turned around, I could see her one boob, since most of the buttons were undone, except for the bottom two. Brandy was very aware of how tiny she was around these men. Keep licking until I tell you to stop." I pushed his face into her ass and his nose disappeared right into her bung. The crowd was totally silent and shocked at this turn of events, never had this been done, no Amazon, even an outsider had been treated this poorly, it was an affront to their traditional system of ual freedom and enjoyment, however fear held their protest, they knew what the Jewelled cock was capable of and they did not wish to feel her wrath. I ended up getting a Nintendo 3DS to replace my old DS and picked up a couple of games. My cock soon found a mouth hanging of it, it seemed that because Sue had 3 or 4 guys playing with her, I got my fair share of woman too, quickly my cock sunk deep into a nice warm pussy, I saw Sue being taken off into a spare room by the guys. &Ldquo;mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Using the full length he savagely screwed my ass. "It's still sore." Randy pushed on her back, forcing her to lean forward so he could see her asshole. To my surprise, she remained naked, and just sat back down next. I could tell John was pleased and that made me happy. &Ldquo;You dating advice sounds like fun look great, now come over here, I want you to suck my cock” Jake said lustfully. She had these tiny finger cymbals that she clicked together as she danced for everyone for a minute. It was good and I was amused, but I felt it had gone too far: I smiled and said joyfully “Just seeing, no touching!”, and I stood up to get some more coffee in the kitchen. But eventually, as they knew they would, they heard him call their names. When the last spurt of cum had gone in, he pulled his pecker out and said, “Now kiss your mother and share my cum with her, then each of you dating abb swallow half of it.” Both women, now very hot in spite of Shine’s nauseating looks, dutifully complied with the little bastards order and spit his thick cream back and forth into each other’s mouths before finally swallowing their share of the foul tasting spunk, and feeling it flow down into their bellies, after which they continued to hungrily French kiss each others cummy mouths, with unrestrained enthusiasm. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- That Saturday morning, Karen was lazing around the house, slumped on the sofa and flicking through a woman's magazine whilst smoking a cigarette and idly blowing smoke-rings. Gemma and Karen remained in LA and were diligently leading the searches for the suspect or perhaps the witness named Farah Johansson, AKA Debbie Reynolds on the UCLA and USC campuses with very little luck. I adore the house, and my brands of cosmetics, toiletries, and everything are all here in the bathroom of the grass shack.” “It took some planning,” I admitted, “but I wanted this to feel very special for you, darling.” “Oh,” she said, “this does feels very special, and I feel special, too, Sweetheart.

Give her you salty goodness you sister-ing bastard!” I couldn’t take much more, it was all so intense, I started to buck up a little, but was mostly held down by the two sisters. Sam sat shakily, held her cock in her hand looking at her playmates and began gathering her thoughts. We walked through the restaurant with my sister’s friend until we came to a private dinning room. I floated for an eternity, my body wracked by bliss, my bowels suddenly so empty. His cock was going soft for a moment but quickly came back to life when he saw what his sister was doing. I could just hope she was right, because bare skinned and wearing that lingerie she insisted that I use, I was starting to feel like some porn star. &Ldquo;There are a number of holes, you haven’t tried yet&rdquo. Admit it, at this current moment, you aren’t sure what is real or not. Jace is going to get in trouble and it would all be my fault. Nothing else mattered, not Molly, and not Ben, just the stroking of the cock deep in her belly. What was supposed to be a month visit, maybe two at the most, turned into dating advice sounds like fun a stay between three and four years in length. Julia fell to eating her pussy, stabbing her tongue in the open cunt and twirling the nubby clit in her fingers. "Well then," said the third lady,"I'll call my Leroy, 'Jack Daniels.'" "You can't name him that," cried the other two women, "Jack Daniels is a hard liquor!" "Yessirreee. Just to make sure that my offer stays fresh in his mind I’m going to stop wearing my bras and panties around the house and wear my sultrier nightgowns to bed this week.” Cody moved his hand to her breast and began to massage her, “Dad doesn’t stand a chance! It spun me around and put me in the passenger seat. Ms Dyers had moved around and was now between Candice’s legs, licking his seed from her fertile pussy, before moving up and sharing a passionate kiss with the blonde teen, their tongues swapped the shared juices. I looked down at her and asked what she thought is kinky. I headed over to Smitty’s and he was happy to hear I had the extra time to train and pushed me harder than ever. A few minutes later the man asked "Would you let me kiss you for five pounds?" "Certainly not!" replied the young woman, getting angry now "What kind of girl do you take me for?" "We've already established that" replied the man, "We're just haggling over the price!" A young couple was out carousing one evening. Afterward daddy again fed me the leaking cum out of my hole and we cuddled together on the bed all night. &Ldquo;I will take your three cherries,” Jeff said out loud, “the first of which, will be your mouth. They got lucky this time, about thirty minutes later he called them back with Chico's address. &Ldquo;See, like my underwear today covers up my private’s just fine but on that day my bikini you could like, see the sides of my privates and there was like this straight line in the middle all the time. She was trying to comprehend what was happening, she knew that Jenna had with Tim, and now her stepdad was in here and she was sucking his dick.'What kind of family is this,' she thought to herself. Then I squeezed her a little tighter and our kiss became a little more passionate. &Ldquo;Beautiful sight isn’t it?” Danni whispered behind him. She moved her lips to his and kissed him passionately and slid the head back between her wet lips.

&Ldquo;Oh My Godddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd Babyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy” Her juices started flowing from her. &Ldquo;No problem, we have all night to do everything and anything you want.” “What about your wants?” he asked. They have not yet had their first periods, nor do they have any pubic hair. My mind was racing and i could not stop imagining her on all fours getting ed herd from behind. We hadn't yet discussed the more kinky aspects of heterouality. Plus knowing that his Aunt, Uncle and cousin were coming soon raised his spirits just a little, “This was nothing, it’s my way of saying thanks honey. It only took about thirty more seconds and Ashley had another large orgasm but this time all over Gene’s cock. Ann’s moans were loud too, as he attacked her wet slit. Sid had followed her and sat opposite me, "So, you two had a good day?" Sid Asked. Wonder Girl nodded meekly too mortified to respond. I slowly undo my skirt and it slips to the floor and remove the sheer shirt and keep it on the side table. He smiled up at me and softly licked down my thigh to my balls, he took one in his mouth and softly massaged it with his tongue.

&Ldquo;Are uncles invited too?” Jake asked, which gave everyone a chuckle. She started swirling her tongue around, using the flat base to lick up and down her best friend's snatch. &Ldquo;Courtney, you can sign the papers, uncontested and then&hellip. She could still remember that moment as clear as day: "Now, cunt, I've ing had enough of you. I can feel it pumping out and I look down at the huge puddle I've just made. She finally grabs his head and moves it so that his mouth is rite on her. I heard a muffled moan and watched mom’s throat moving up and down as she swallowed the load she was getting. Once the garment was off, Ellie threw it across the room and pulled a hard nipple into her mouth. I lay there, face and chest in the dirt, the dog firmly embedded inside of me, and I panted, and cried. &Ldquo;I don’t know why other than they were slapping me in the face. I slammed into her again and again and Nicole kept yelling, unable to control herself now.

This feels like justice, watching this large-udded lesbian crying from pain in public. You‘re my Mother and you may make me mad, hurt my feelings or sometimes been very hard to understand, but you are still my Mother and I may love other women in my life but no one can ever replace Mothers love.” “Next, about the. It was getting harder and harder to fight against the pleasure of her cunt. Josh loved smashing his cock inside of his Aunts pussy, “Yeah, Yeah that’s it stick your ass out more Aunt Ellen.” Josh was given more and more pleasure the way Ellen was pushing her ass back up on her nephew’s cock. I also wanted to go but I thought maybe his typical Islamic relatives will mind a non muslim guy too close to their girl so just to avoid any non likeable situation I decided not to go to airport and see off her from the house. She thought to herself and tears welled up in her eyes again. As she came to rest on her knees at some unknown location, the man behind her pushed her head forward. "Well if y people in dating love advice sounds like fun feel that they can trust. &Ldquo;Oh shit Chris, you’re in me so deep” she moaned pushing her ass back.

It took us another 20 minutes to get down there, but we spent the whole day there. God replies, ‘I didn't recognize you.’ 163 Dietary Supplement Mike Tyson was terribly overweight, so his doctor put him on a diet. And it wasn’t long before he moaned loudly and I watched as his cock exploded deep inside my cleavage shooting his cum all over my heavy breasts. Sarah then got down between mom’s legs and started to eat Mark’s cum out of mom’s pussy. She had been so relaxed, but now I sensed a tension in her, like she was clinging. A short time later I felt someone shaking me awake. The two stagehands stood on either side of her looking down at her with their strangely blank faces. I am known in the area where we are going, and my models have to be dressed nicely. He showered then pulled on a fresh swimsuit and made some coffee to help clear the cobwebs from his head. I'll stuff up.” He worried about his erection. That made it feel like a knife was just plunged into my heart. So I went after his insurance, his company, his car, his tools, his mother and all the offspring he ever thought to sire. I cannot post them here but you can email me at if you would like to see them. But I still want you to me good.” I wanted to asked, who would you be thinking about as we ed, but thought better. It looks like a very deep conversation.” We both laughed and said football. She sipped at the beer can and felt the cold liquid going down her throat.

He took her waist and felt it narrow to his touch, as slender as Alana had been. I licked the entire length of her cunt and even tongue ed her tight assehole. Her bust was almost entirely visible and her cute belly-button was completely uncovered. All five of them will shoot their hot sticky jizz deep within you as your alternate holes are left dripping from their abuse and exploitation of your gorgeous body.

He pushes more and more of BIG FELLA into her mouth and throat when he is fully erect he exits her throat and then mouth with a pop. She knew that Gary would get shot for his words, but it shocked her. As I closed the door, I pulled her close, bent down and gently pressed my lips to hers. It has the word "TOY" written across the chest in pink and glitter.

I very politely informed dating advice sounds like fun them that I owned a company worth in excess of a half billion dollars, that they had been talking about a video game that I had developed, and that they could all go to hell. Britney looked back at me, “Then you will have to literally the shit out of me daddy and I will cum all over you.” I pounded my daughter’s asshole as hard as I could while I put two fingers inside of her vagina. Our moans are slightly muted now, muffled by our kiss, as we continue to screw. We were both sophomores in High School and wound up at the same party in a different town. "EMMA WATSON- WIKIPEDIA" "EMMA WATSON- THE OFFICIAL WEBSITE" "PEEK-A-BOOB: EMMA WATSON'S LATEST RED-CARPET WARDROBE MALFUNCTION" The latter really wasn't a big deal; just the tabloids spouting their typical drivel and blowing something way out of proportion. Going into the bathroom JP heard distinct moans and voices. She began to kiss her sister passionately and lovingly while she ground her dripping pussy into my thigh. I started using my thighs on hers to help lift her and get the movements going faster. We started moving faster, our mouths pressed together, tongues intertwined, like two lost lovers.

15 minutes later Paul was finally able to get his knot out of Jessica. Men have what is called a prostate gland dating advice and sounds like fun digital massage of it will usually lead to a a stronger and more enjoyable ejaculation.” Tabby asked, “So you’ve had it done to you. I was soaked too and desperately in need of something.

We discovered a new life after that, experienced everything together – anal, rimming, with or without massage. And then he thrust his cock back against her throat, as she struggled to accept his length. Before Angel knew what she was doing, her panties were on a chair with her dress on top of them. As Gloria left, Lynn rolled her stool back and said, “You are a demon. I let the girls wear them self’s out, before laying two guys down and sitting on them, taking both cocks in me sent me over the top again, then I got them to dp me with me sitting on one, while the other ed me from the front, I love his way as I can see both cocks enter my butt. I was afraid you’d think dating advice sounds like fun I was some kind of male whore for doing what I was doing. I moved between Kelly’s spread legs now, and positioned her like Sharon, and jammed my cock. Meanwhile, shares in Kamikaze Bank have nose-dived and 500 back-office staff at Karate Bank got the chop. He continued to slap the cane hard onto her inner pussy.

Maybe it was the unreality that let me do it - it was so *far* past my usual inhibitions that I felt like a different person - not Ingrid Pellman at all, but a stupid piss-drinking lesbian slut living happily with her harem in a degrading fantasy brothel. "Oh, don't worry," Tara ensured, massaging my asshole with increasingly firm, circular motions. I had taught her how to make it when she was my tom-boy daughter and every now and then she will surprise the family by making it, better than I ever could, I might add. She gasped, then I heard a soft moan escape her lips. As I moved my mouth over Kamea’s I noticed Kay had moved up beside her brother to get a closer look at the action. Tragic, that was, because I'd had a few nights of double penetration (in all holes, thank you very much) and enjoyed the hell out. &Ldquo;I promise you, Sheena, that I will never make you cry again. She quickly repeated this with Carol’s remaining limbs. &Ldquo;Oh me too.” Replies Gary “That should be obvious.

Matt orders her to insert her Ben Wa balls and lay on the bed on her back with her head hanging off the edge. She comes over and kisses her Master and Mistress, “I love you Master, you still have to get me pregnant” Sheila tells him. And, worse, here were their parents taking up space in the hot tub. Ms Dyers walked close to him, placing a hand on his chest and slowly walked around him. She was still in the throws of her orgasm when she felt an explosion deep in her cervix. After a few more minutes, Isaac pulled out and leaned back, panting heavily but with his phallus still standing proud.

She asked me, “Jack, what’s wrong?” I realized I was being a poor leader in not showing her a confident front. This is the story of how we took each others virginity.

Be bored to death, and I know me, all I’ll think of is you the whole time.” “Awe. "What do you want me to do?" "You just lay back and I will do the work. &Ldquo;Away………………….he’s doing somefink!” Came the reply from Jed. &Ldquo;Someone’s big porn cock made me forget all about that little dick loser.” He grabbed her hips and wrenched her into him. When she did finish she picked up the wine list, gazed at it without much interest, shrugged and then looked at his glass. Then, with a relieved sigh, she went back to sleep. I’m all yours!” I started slow dating advice sounds like but fun I was using strong thrust inside her. She pulled away, and looked between her legs at my spurting cock, and her pussy squeezed my cock as she was dick was slick with her and my juices and my balls were soaked. I rubbed it on the page and before our eyes a message appeared. I figured I'd get a little work done then go turn in, As I figured it, the young ass would try to attack me tonight at sunset, might as well get a nap before I destroyed. She felt her pussy being filled, clinging to the cock like it was welcoming a lover, instead of accepting a rape. The way her father was ing her from behind as they watched the new day dawning. &Ldquo;When I came home from college with Michael collared, no one questioned. The fifth was from her boss Jeffrey saying the other guys had told him of their experience of the party and he wondered if he could join as well. &Ldquo;She’s such a y woman and, after being with you tonight, I know you’ll grow into one as well. I was listenening to the great hulla balloo happening outside and was smiling within thinking how everyone was trying to catch a glimpse. Valerie gave my dick a few strokes with her hand because it was already ready for action. Where are you guys going” “we are gonna go for a bite then to a friends shop to hang for a bit. &Lsquo;I fell back into this love again.’ “I love you Elle.” He whispers into her soft hair, but there is no reply. She could even taste pieces of her own shit being shoved down her throat flowing into her stomach as she gulped helplessly. I used to write my name and his name together, and I would write 'Lorrie Elliott' and fill pages with hearts and flowers. As we got closer to the falls, we could hear the roar of the water falling over the mountain cliff.

Another time we made her wear her mothers wedding dress and ran a train on dating a widower advice her in the wedding dress. I had fought this so much, I knew this was so wrong but after last night I just couldn't care. Today it is an international society of dating advice website for women men that places very select members of its society into positions of power around the world. Tom then thought how all three of them created a sorta fantasy scenario where the girls have assumed character roles playing his two adopted daughters to him. &Ldquo;It’s called ‘pre-cum’,” I explained, “And it’s designed to lubricate things for softer penetration.” “Wow.

&Ldquo;Maybe we dating advice sounds like fun should just go to sleep.” I answered to her earlier question, figuring that if she couldn’t handle me brushing her face gently, she really didn’t want me that way. It was warm, firm in my hand, and tasted of sweat, the faint sourness of pee, and the musky hunger of balls yearning to discharge. I was really wound up as Diane slowly took the entire length up and down the way she knew I loved. You could her our skin slapping together, and Mo’s moans were getting louder. Cam then turned over to me and reached up and kissed my cheek. Her cheeks puckered in and she got a look of absolute bliss on her face. Snowman smoothly took over the narration of their report. My fingers circled it first tenderly, then a bit harder, sending warm shivers up my spine and causing an involuntary moan to escape my lips.

&Ldquo;Oh holy this is hot, just look, my hot pussy is flowing like a river” she said as she run her fingers up her right thigh and across her pussy lips. We then left the pool, dried off and went inside to grab something to drink, and on the floor by the one counter was our thongs. "I'm sorry for being disgusting, I'm sorry for being a disgusting slut." "You should be punished." said John Oakhill, "Turn around and pull those shorts down." Even though it had just been a day since he saw them, Emilia's little strip was stirring his cock again. And now, she has found a guy who she really wants to be with all the time.

The man goes in then comes out about five minutes later, white as a sheet and tells the doctor his wife is dead. Brad and Sarah were also exchanging kisses and sentiments. They get there and she takes all of her clothes off, gets into the bed and spreads her legs. As she reached up towards the cupboard to replace the last of the crockery I moved behind her and slipped my hands onto her waist. Forgetting all her previous inhibitions, Suzy pushed her tongue into Tina’s tight asshole licking all the juice from around it and teasing it with her tongue. I let my fingers prod into Maggie's pussy and let my thumb push in her ass. She pushed her ass down hard onto my face, so I know I was doing good. I love you.” Ellie slid up and pecked her on the lips, and then laid her head on her breast. I think I might be biual and as a test I was wondering if I could give you a blowjob. &Ldquo;Their loss,” I mutter to myself, and go back to watching. Just feeling its warm girth swell between her lips, causes small orgasms to trickle over her wet cunt lips. Rachel slowly unscrewed the top stud and slipped the bar out of her hood. I got a beer and sat down thinking about what had just happened. We were in the air only a few minutes when she spoke up and said-- " I want to stop in at Beech again and see what the word is on Stanley. I no sooner had taken a swallow when the pizza arrived.

No offense, but I don’t want a quickie from you. It was only a few minutes, and I slid my mouth down his dick and deep-throated him. &Ldquo;I'm going to bed, you can sleep on the ing sofa tonight. Tony and Gwendolyn now shared a passionate embrace and a couple of minutes of tongue filled kisses. We ran away but we couldn't run very fast so we hid from him. I was happy that I had jacked off that morning, just in case this escalates into something more.

Actually she resisted quite a bit but I would push her up against a wall, hold her against a counter in the kitchen, or press her down onto her bed and then help myself. Dad, you and I are over.” He felt his heart ache. She jacked faster and faster and opened her mouth…..I watched her shoot cum in her own mouth and face. Sometimes he ties me to the bed, or to chairs, or handcuffs me to the radiator and s my ass until I’m about to cry. I stopped messing with his shirt after a few buttons and unbuttoned his pants and pulled them open.

But now having total control of a warm living body, Pablo pulls out of Vanessa's wet cunt then kneels on the bed before her.

My fingers slid in and out of her smoothly and she moaned with each thrust. But, you need to know, I too have primal urges, so a good ing thrown in would be nice too" I chuckled then watched as she turned and walked back towards the hall leading to the bathroom. The industrial park the office was located in was toward the end of a dead-end street, with as many empty buildings as there were occupied, and even those closed not long after. There was excitement in her voice, and there should. Her body quivered and her boobs shook as they hung down while I admired the view. I smiled and nodded to her mom reassuringly, letting her know that was a good sign. Lenny came and sat alongside me and I could feel his clothed body next to mine. But, I decided that would not be right, and she probably did not want to hear from me, since I made no advance on her the previous night. She raised up and was going to dismount from me, but I told her to move her pussy to my mouth please. After that dance, they started with fast dancing, not my forte, but for some reason, I asked Janna to join me, and dating an angry man and abuse she gladly accepted.

"Yes me, yes my black pussy," Latoya heard coming from behind the door. Those great puffy aureola with their nipples as large as finger tips had taken me over the top.

In the back, she was still bare so as she stepped past him back to her bedroom, he could see how her woman like ass would move. I could have sworn I heard moaning” “Ohhhh” then she got quiet.

Then he laid her on her back on the mattress and sat over her face, putting his asshole right to her mouth. For Emma there was nothing more in the world that she wanted, a man that made sweet love to her and wanted a deep loving and caring relationship. I have to admit, these past few months have been great. Looking around, I see what I should have seen when she pulled away. To complete the sensationally erotic looking ensemble, she stepped into a pair of pale purple, 5 inch high, stiletto heeled shoes that gave her the look of an, on the prowl for extremely young meat, Cougar temptress. He also stated that if she absolutely had to he could produce the specimen that some of the samples came from. She's grinding her body into the side of me, shes has her leg over mine pushing her pussy against the side of my hips and letting her perky titties into the side of my chest. Then when I finished she sat up on the counter top, spread her legs. He looked at her slit, noticing her pussy lips were slightly swollen, and the small patch of pubic hair glistening with her wetness. I could hear both girls gasp as she lowered it down, and let me drink our orgasms from her fountain of love. After what she just told me you better be glad I love you, or I wouldn’t still be here.” “Um, thanks, I think.” He said, unable to come up with a more eloquent response under the circumstances. Cathy said, “Oh yeah, I forgot he likes to clean the lady when finished.”, then giggled. I looked into Jenny's beautiful blue eyes as my tongue enters Lexi's rectum at this point. And God said "again a wise choice, for you must repopulate the earth, But as the arabs were persecuted I must give him 100 Women. Mark started dutifully toward his son's diminishing cock.

Noticing how close I was, Lara went all out showing her impeccable skill. I would die for my boyfriend, I am trying to get pregnant with his child now” Jess says.

When BIG FELLA is erect Abigail asks “Can I ride BIG FELLA, Master?&rdquo. She had never been with a Latin guy fulfilling her dream a problem cause she only knew them to be violent from girlfriends who dared to date one in the past. At this moment on this day opened the door for the umpteenth time. The guys sat on the edge of the bed and Mother and daughter moved into the 69 position licking cum from each others well ed asses as it flowed out and down their cracks. Some wore silver medals, which said, "Hands off." But all of that, gold or silver, depended on who got you. You won’t wig out on me again tomorrow, and then spoil what we have started.” Sandy’s hand reached between them and stroked his cock, which grew hard again. She too was married, and we met in a bar, came back here and did it on the couch. Then I felt a finger or two push quickly and deeply into my butt and when he repeated his question, his voice was deeper and even scarier.

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