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Arusa’s Dad walked over to me, reached out and grabbed my arse with his big hands.

She wrapped her legs around the back of his head as he licked her for a good 10 minutes. But we never did get to the threesome before the relationship ended. One night, while he was at the bar he told them his secret for being able to sneak in late. He felt a set of lips on his, he opened his mouth, accepting her tongue, they kissed passionately as she rode his cock, slowly working her hips up and down. I was never one to fantisize about ing a boy, but I was turned on and ground my cock a little against his asshole. I had a swimming pool out in the back yard, which was surrounded by a high security fence. You see boys ~ you don’t become the head of detectives for a major metropolitan police force without knowing when you’re about to be conned. Now the cock moved deeper and she rose up to see the depth of her thrusts. He lowered a hand against the back of my head, pushing my mouth further along his thick dick, a couple small shots of precum dribbling into my mouth. When she was a few feet down the hall headed slowly towards the bedroom I left my spot. To meet her meant meeting someone pleasant, polite and aware of her social surroundings. I was aiming for a side room where the crowd might be thinner. Dad's hard cock was laying against my leg as I felt his mouth and tongue go to one of my tits, his mouth engulfed my breast as I first felt his tongue on my nipple then I felt him start to suckle on my tit. The salon was very easy to find and had a rear parking area which was clear except for two cars. If you just happened to stumble across this story, I will recap a little to try and make this chapter make sense for you but if you are familiar with the story then jump down to the start. She’d devoured well over half of a huge 24-oz. My heart skipped a beat thinking about it… The match ahead of us wrapped up and I started pulling off my warm up gear. &Ldquo;Mmmm hmmm," Vickie hummed as she tried to take more of his shaft. &Ldquo;Ever since our encounter, you’ve been terrified, but you have no idea of what. &Ldquo;OK” Tristen agreed “but you have to behave too.” “Just don’t put anything in my mouth!” John added. "No, Sir." "Good." He seemed to think about what he had said for a minute and then said, "No, I'm still not pleased." He went around to the side of the bed that I don't sleep at and retrieved a bag. She started cumming then, and it was a hard orgasm for her. Jerry is next up and he has Magdalena suck on his cock until it is hard. I lapped and licked pretending to be forced into doing it as part of my punishment. &Ldquo;Alright, let’s dating behaviors of adolecents in asia see it” Chloe stated reaching her hand in the car, her fingers quickly pulled down the waistband of his athletic shorts and revealed his thick flaccid member splayed between his thighs. She then said she needed a potty break, and Jen said she did too. Granted, we are not a couple, so I wasn’t cheating. I will be eating with my friends.” I swallowed my last sandwich and stood. I noticed that the bridesmaids had all been led off to the back of the room. I have not ever thought about that really.” Allison lifted slightly, moved her hand down between her legs and eased me into her very wet pussy. I haven't had his cock all night!" She felt and looked so amazing sucking me off. Smiling he told her he was hoping she would come tonight. I gave her my best reassuring smile and told her that I just wanted to see her beautiful body, and that seeing her would help the white stuff come out faster and then we would be done and she could have her toy. Lily-May had a million questions to ask, but the tube up her arse she could not understand so that was the first inquiry. We were supposed to be sleeping!” She tucked her hair behind her ear and an electric current shot through my body… It was weird. Thankfully, he was visible, but he had stopped thrashing and seemed only to be waving one arm about, trying to attract attention. Then she heard the words that she had both hoped and feared. We will celebrate our birthday, and then we will put this town behind us.” She jumped up, completely naked and began kissing him. She turned and waved then stepped into the elevator.

The one benefit was that she got up really close. I turned to face it, my lips dragging against the foreskin. &Ldquo;We’re like semi virgins I guess.” “What the hell is a semi-virgin.” I asked, dumfounded by the phrase. Jim had channel surfed and found the Travel Channel and it was showing a beach in Jamaica that was clothing optional. She was tiny at maybe 5'4" and probably no more than 105 lbs. Oiling my hands, I checked each disc, all the way to the L-4 right on the tail bone. It seemed like the most natural act to open my lips and let him put his penis in my mouth. It had wide straps that went over her shoulders, and a plunging neckline that dove down deep between her enormous breasts. She slipped on some black cotton panties that hugged her shapely cheeks and slipped downstairs, loving the cool morning air on the rest of her naked body. That’s it we are not on any DOD payroll that is why Camelot doesn’t exist. Neither even heard the shower come on, all their senses were in tune with the others. Then, she was lifted roughly again, her legs parted by two strong hands while two more supported her under the arms. She came up and stood over Mo and started kissing her, pushing my cum in her dating ball glass jars mouth. Kylie said, Dad, Tomas and I have been dating a few months now, but I did not want to say anything until I was sure of my feelings, but also how you feel about. Typically, if I spotted one I liked I’d turn on the charm and the sweet talk and we’d spend the dating a 50 never married rest of the night in their bed or mine. We watched as the mass of family departed and I wondered how none of them were suspicious of the three of us spending so much alone time together. "I woke up pretty slowly and was in a fair bit of pain, so I just lay there shivering, cuddled up, listening to them talk. I would go down to home after work for the weekend. Sep opened his mouth to say something and I cut him off. Josh squirmed in his seat and I responded by getting a little bit closer, leaning on his shoulder and my left boob touching his arm. June made two copies of the tape, putting one in a safety deposit box under her own name and hiding the other with a "confidant" she knew. She probed deeply with her tongue, sliding it up inside of the cunt-hole and licking out and over her huge engorged clit. He decided being a Satanist wasn’t all that bad of an option. But I am not frightened, this man has made me feel so delicious and I am now just dressed in the stockings.

I imagined in my head the journey this little bead of sweat was taking, all the way down to her pussy. She was cute but not anywhere near as beautiful as this slut. I crawled up higher on Susan, facing Bobby as he neared his climax. She had posted a naked picture of herself from the neck down, and she was really hot. Alternating between short hard thrusts along his dick and deep, long, lip sealing mouth strokes, she doubled the size of the mans ample cock while her hands hungrily explored his tightening balls. Tell them to look under the divider and I will hand them the phone.” She wouldn’t say anything else and turned to walk back to where Curt was getting quite vocal. I subtly pushed her shirt across her two well-sized orbs revealing her upright nipples. We do all the same things other families do together we’re just a little more loving with each other, that all.” Miles said, “So did you go through with. I saw a glint of humor in coach’s face before he managed to master it again, I pressed on, “Really, coach, we’re lucky that I got to her in time, she might have fainted…” Karly threw her hand over her face, jumping in to help, “Oh, he’s my hero, coach… I might have swooned if not for him!” Everyone on the bus was laughing hard, including coach. After sucking him for a couple minutes longer, I felt his hands reach under my arms, pulling me upwards. He was going to be away for about a month when all this happened. I started laughing too; then I opened the door and tried to hit him with. I ran up and kicked him onto the floor, then pressed the gun to the side of his head and said, “If you aren’t out of this house in three seconds I’ll blow your brains all over the wall!” He shat himself and ran out the door screaming. &Ldquo;I want you to fulfill my fantasies; it is all that I think about now. I went into a fitting room to try them on, I slipped on a pair of the jeans and a shirt and stepped out for Connie to see. I love that, pinch harder..." "Sure darlin', whatever you want," her dad said with a randy voice. You must have done this before, you sweet little girl.

Jean gushed a long stream of wolf cum into Anne’s mouth. I then understood that she was preparing me for Mike, as she then slid in, what seemed to me to be a fairly large butt plug. Most of the time Nelson took Terra with him, and I was alone.” “My mom and Nelson fought a lot. My cock was raging and all I could think of was her naked, laying in bed, with my head buried between her sweet thighs, licking away. As the music started up again, I was soon out on the dance floor. As we moved to Jan's thighs, her legs spread slightly, showing off her shaved labia. He turns off his flashlight and hooks it on his belt.

I kissed her cheek and turned back to the next deal. Flicking his tongue over her clit, then sucking it while gently pulling on it with lips. I heard his breathing get heavy as he jerked his cock, and I gently squeezed my pussy around the head of his throbbing cock. It didn’t take long for the young boy who was in her pre-teen asshole to cum first and filled her bowels with his white chunky sperm. She was moaning at the top of her lungs, unable to contain herself when faced with such overwhelming pleasure.

You do think they’re pretty, and you have been a good boy today.” I leaned over and kissed her foot closest to me, and, once started I couldn’t stop with a little peck, as its closeness and memory from this morning’s pedicure washed over.

I bet the teacher was married, and she fluttered her eyebrows and cooed and acted so coy and flirty, luring him from his wife. We both headed back downstairs because Jen had to get going. Dude, you just ed your boss’ two daughters and laid some serious pipe with his wife, high ing five.” Well, you guys deserve a little recap and how I ed the boss’ wife. Corporate Partners is a very shady business that includes the kidnapping and abduction of underage girls and boys worldwide. Geo passed the blunt around, and when it came to me, I broke down to everyone's pressure, and took a puff. Standing at somewhere around six foot two inches tall, he wasn’t a lightweight.

Once again she didn’t speak to her father or anyone for that matter.

Quickly pulling his pants up enough to walk without tripping, he met her by the couch. Things were beginning to flow like he wanted to and asked, “So, where did your daddy take you?” Kristen smiled really big and moved to the edge of the couch and was more excited than he had ever seen her before. Now we were all three naked and glancing at each other.

She screamed loudly, "ohhhh fuuuucccckkkkk yeeesssss, iiii'mmnm cuuummmiiinnnggg.". Perhaps emboldened by the humour of that moment, on impulse I blurted out, “I may as well sleep in here with Michael,” adding, “You don’t mind, do you,” as I looked at Michael.

You’re gonna to put your big fat cock in my poor, tight little pussy?” Leila said in a playful tone. But she had to eave Saturday morning and go on a trip until Tuesday, today. Why don't I simply pick up the phone and tell him to come over and service. He pounded me against that door right then and dating a 50 never married there like nothing. I turned abruptly to see that same executive from the other day lustily looking. Sandra walked through the door , a smile on her face. The day went fine though, and as she walked out of the school grounds, a boy in her class told her that if she climbed up a telegraph pole, he'd give her. He dating a 50 never married moved closer, I took it in my left hand and kissed it, licked. That's too bad, this bitch is sweet, could have been a nice !" he said as he dropped her to the ground. Frankie is touching me between the legs!” I felt myself getting moist down there, hoping it wouldn’t show through my panties, or he might think I had peed myself. Before he could wonder what would happen next Karen was whispering in his ear, "Daddy, I want you to cum in my pussy." Gemma got up off the bed and wriggled out her tight mini-skirt.

I didn't hear the bell." "I-I-I b-believe it was Emma who saw me heading for the door. The skirt was indeed very short, and she was not wearing any panties. But I can never pee when someone stands so close; the tap was suddenly turned off and now I was embarrassed. Much of him was covered in hair and he was known as the Ox among them soldiers for his broad body and powerful brute strength during battle, as well as in mounting his mares. Inch by inch I got it in till I couldn’t take anymore. When the peace officers were still in the showers Neeja and another female officer whipped out their cell phones to videotape how hairy the feminists were. My confidence was low so it didn’t take much to bring out my shyness and that is what made my first year horrible. &Ldquo;What’ve you told them?” I asked Kate who was still shaking in her chair. Vira too was straw haired, but hers was lighter, straighter, her body was that of a woman’s to be sure, but for her small breasts, she had hips meant for birthing. Her hair was a mess and got in both of our faces as our lips touched. As he slipped off his shorts and underwear she came into the room, she paused briefly to look at him and then tossed something at him, he caught it and found that it was her g-string wrapped around a jar of Vaseline which stood on his basin next to his toothbrush and razor. Dani and I think you are the iest guy on this island and enjoy seeing you. An' you, miss Cindy, on top, but both of you sorta facing me, so I can enjoy the sights. "Time to clean out the dye gel." one of the girls says. Karly sat in front of me, my arms wrapped around her. I sighed and shook my head before she walked away, pulling my dad along in her wake.

Yes, that spongy thing you feel is my prostate gland. He started grunting with each stroke, moving faster each time. Being a curious young lad, the boy asked his father, "What are these things daddy?" His dad said, "Condoms son." The boy asked, "Why do they come in packs of 1,3, and 12?" The dad replied, "The packs with one are for the high school boys, one for Saturday night, the ones with three are for the college boys, one for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, and the ones with twelve in them are for the married men, one for January, one for February, one for March...." A dwarf gets on an elevator and pushes the button to go up, just before the door closes, a hand comes through and opens the door. She wouldn’t tell me exactly what happened.” Katy let out a low whistle as we both sat back thinking about the situation. "They went to Amy's room, so im sure they will be a while" she said smiling. Just like Lena most of the boys found her extremely attractive and I wouldn’t argue with them. She felt the hymen rip, and in reflex she kicked out her left leg. She was just finishing her cigarette and looked at me… “You know…” she bit her lip, “we could just sneak back to the hotel…” I really wanted to do that… not for , but just to get away from all of the people. &Ldquo;I forgot I have to show you that video that we talked about. She reached around with her other hand and gently traced her fingers along my impossibly hard shaft. Maybe that'll loosen her up a little in bed huh?” Mark just sat down, putting the other drink on the coffee table. I moved to my stones, placing a line beginning just above her pert breasts , down between them on a line ending at her bare pubic mound. I gasped as it opened me up as my womb filled with his hot manhood. I smiled and told Josh: “Babe, be a sweetie and help him reaching the target, I want that big cock so badly now.” He looked at me a bit puzzled, but how could he say. I felt the bareness of her legs, then her butt cheeks. Cheryl’s pussy was having involuntary spasms and grabbing hold of his cock.

He inhales her scent, its clean and fresh, just slightly musky. He went over and over it, and his reasoning still seemed to be logical, so he returned to the cave to try to work out a treaty with the Siren. Her mother doesn't know it but she is looking directly into her daughters eyes as she gets savagely ed in the ass. And she asked me what else I liked, and I told her that feeling her hands on my ass was sensational. The other strap on the red-head’s bra breaks, and her exquisite breasts finally break completely free inside her clingy t-shirt. My ribs still hurt and, now that the adrenalin had worn off, I was getting sharp pains with each breath. This was a young “ dominatrix “ -- trying to bloom , and I don't believe she was even aware. She was homesick and lonely and Linda had taken her under her wing, so to speak. Miles sat gazing at the burnt orange mountains in his leather chair. As the youngest normally do in a primarily teen neighborhood, Liza and I were always trying to be around the older kids. You guys were driving me crazy!” Hey, we were teenagers, right. You’ve already shown her enough to run one, and the way Sandra moves around, she needs some managers she can 50 married never a dating trust and count on in her absence. Then Janna said to them, come, come join us in the pool , then go out and eat. Seeing each other naked all the time, and becoming close, it just happened and she loved. &Ldquo;I apologize for the rough treatment,” he states, remaining seated. This particular afternoon I had started to fantasise about being ed again. As we finished eating, and talking about a bunch of things, I suggested that this fall, the four of head to this cabin a buddy of mine has and says I can use anytime I want too. "Can I have my panties back so we can go back to the dance?" she asked, noticing Josh still had them in his other hand.

But part of it -- possibly the bigger part -- was that it felt great. Why do you think that is?” Carl said, “It’s in her eyes Doc. I didn't press hard and my reward was her sphincter opening slightly.

She leaned back onto her arms, looking at him, “That was much better than I have thought it would be.” He disposed of the condom in her dustbin and grinned at her, “You make it sound like you have planned it for some time.” She shrugged, making her breasts sway with the action, “Only since you spoke up to that idiot at the club.” He dating a dating a married women 50 never married arched his eyebrows, “Oh?” She laughed, “Hey every girl wants a man to stand up for her.

Mike picks Zoë up again, turning around and slamming her hard into the wall, ing her hard as he gets closer and closer. Was your daddy really okay with your mommy having with a strange man that she just met?” Kristen said, “I dating agencies for married men don’t know if my daddy was mad or upset but I wasn’t like okay with anything ~ I didn’t like anything about what happened and how mommy did this to me and my daddy. I closed my eyes to just enjoy it when I felt something on my clit. Without being told she got off the bed and went and bent over the chair and grabbed hold of the arms and waited. She laid there, breathing heavily, trying to regain her strength. Jennifer moaned at Lindsey's comment, pressing harder against his tiny prostate, and sucking just the head of his dick hard. Ben is going to Paris and New York City 50 married never dating a for a six weeks. Instead, I stuck with my plan by pulling up my pants and, without saying anything to her, cranked up the car and drove off. Not only was he long, Taylor noticed, but he was also monstrously thick. The whole time, kissing or even lightly biting each other’s shoulders, or me on her tits. "These people aren't all at your house, are they?" Angie smiled at her friend. It was not large, but it was much bigger than her finger and as she started to rub lube onto it, I began to change my mind. After his cock stops pulsating, she once again positions herself on his mouth, making him clean up all of his seed out of her pussy.

Grace brought out her husbands, large collection of porn movies. His old man’s a Rolling Stone.’ 340 Smart Dog First woman: ‘My dog is so smart that every morning he waits for the paper to come round and then he takes the newspaper and brings it to me.’ Second woman: ‘I know.’ First woman: ‘How?’ Second woman: ‘My dog told me.’ 341 Touchy Feely The big-game hunter walked into the bar and bragged to everyone about his skills as a hunter. Both girls yelling out that they were cumming, and the guys grunting loud, as they shot their seed into their partners wombs. She spread her legs, giving him better access to her cunt lips, as he wormed his way between her legs. What I do now is a joke, but it pays the bills and keeps me in Interior Design” Barb said. Then I am going to make love to Becca, Laurie and finally Becky. Normally, I would have stopped her and re-focussed her on math but I started feeling certain urges that were compelling dating foor married men me to keep her on this topic. The first smile crossed her face, although it was a wolfish one of lust and conquest. Can I use your cell to call dad to come get me?” He walked into the kitchen then said, “Gee, it’s cold in here after being out in the heat.” I could see the gooseflesh appear on his pecks and arms. &Ldquo;I’m gonna use my first cart,” she said. I press on in my best mock courtroom voice “And does the defendant deny that she deliberately arranged to have the motel room changed from single beds to a king and that she did ply the innocent victim with alcohol in order to weaken his resistance to her charm and beauty” This time she breaks into a full laugh, reaches out and rests her hand on my thigh. It was just after Brianna got out of school on a Tuesday when she came into his room.

She would use me until I had to ball my shirt up over my mouth to scream my orgasm, then leave me there, disheveled and shaking, having to straighten myself up as much as I could and still hurry to class. Cordan grabbed his baton and collected all of the cum that was on her miniskirt, ass, and pussy. Yes, I am his, he took me and I willingly gave myself to him. James pulled me off the strange cock I just had in my mouth as he started cumming on my face. This time he didn’t hesitate as long, he just leaned his slender little hips in and… The instant the shock was delivered he screamed. He wasn’t going to wimp out in front of his friend. The only other furniture in the room was a little table that I had built out of scrap lumber that held my alarm clock next to my bed. &Ldquo;Your nanny isn’t happy with you,” Dad smiled, “I guess making her walk around cleaning house with that cucumber up her ass may come back to haunt you soon.” Brittany had a terror stricken look on her face as the ramifications of her actions were becoming clearer. Not something she could get with us around with all the noisy work we were doing next to her bedroom. The Police car had stopped another vehicle and the old man in the dirty raincoat was being manhandled out of his vehicle. She sighed, and stood in front of the sink and waited. She leaned out from some crates she was hiding behind and squeezed the trigger, sending 11mm full metal jacket rounds towards the pirates. Cody’s hands were trembling with anticipation as he reached for her supple breasts that gave him nourishment when he was a baby. &Ldquo;I promise it’s going to be OK…” The two friends held each other for several minutes. 30 minutes later we arrived back at Donna’ house and they finished stripping as we walked in the front door. I have been slipping her the big one all afternoon, so I’ve got her all warmed up for you, old buddy.” “Now, Mona, I want you to understand that, since Charlie is the official symbol of the Democratic Party I provide him with the best of everything, including the ual services of beautiful women.” “With the help of some of my constituent’s good looking, very Party supportive wives, this ugly er has had a lot of experience putting the meat to female humans and he really enjoys the hell out of pleasuring himself with their bodies.” “Now, sweet cheeks, you have got another cuckolding to do before you leave here today. &Ldquo;What is it, Ragnhild?” His tone sounds irritated and a great deal annoyed to some degree. &Ldquo;Well obviously something was going on.” “Yeah,” she shrugged, “I was thinking about what Hannah told. I won’t do that to you and I won’t do that to Jacky. Utilizing his experience he was soon concentrating on her clit as he began to rub her hot spot back and forth and up and down, not knowing exactly which way she liked best. Notice that this slightly ‘extended position’ meant her thighs were also ‘offered’ and in a state of tension. The ocean makes it feel better." Once out a little deeper, he held her in his arms. He had that strange aura and that presence… Before she knew what she was doing Hannah threw on a pair of pajama pants and an overly large shirt that hung well down over one shoulder, not bothering with underwear as she opened the door. I think I blacked out or something, it was like I was dreaming, but I was wide awake,” Kayla’s body shook as she explained what happened, both Danny and Alyssa hugged her.

&Ldquo;Actually it is 200 new bedrooms, why do you asks&rdquo. We broke our kiss and Sally smiled and said, “Your mouth tastes delicious, Jo, what have you been drinking?” We both laughed in delight over that. I lifted her long legs up and slightly to the right side and grabbed her by the ankles firmly with one hand and looked up briefly at her y painted nails in those open-toed heels. I was trying to get my bearings and focus on anything but the full feeling of my ass. &Ldquo;I have never felt so much love and I have never ever been made love to like you have made love to me” Karen says as she gets up and sucks on BIG FELLA. &Ldquo;Sis I am going to make it feel better with daddy’s cock inside of you and eat you until you cum on my tongue.” I could feel Hailey begin to tighten up around my shaft, “Don’t stop eating her Hannah you are turning her on so much. It listed all the girls (along with a small photo and nesseccary info like age, height, etc). She takes her time walking from the bathroom across their small bedroom then finally unlocks the door, she peers around the door telling a little white lie. I don't go for that shit." So, he had a few more beers and went back to the camp. She says it looks y to her and she likes there are no hairs when she gives. Which is why we need to keep doing this.” “Can I at least you next time?” “Of course, Joey. He could feel her tense up around him and ordered her again to cum on his cock, she quickly did as she was told and moaned through another orgasm that made her entire body tense up and tremble. What do you want?” he said and I felt his cock rub against my leg. There was no sense masturbating without a cock to suck, at least for me, and I was too busy adapting to my new life to go out cock-hunting, so I just did without. I asked her then, “Now who is the hussy?” but laughed. Later that evening, after playing on the boat all the afternoon and then eating, Susan and Bill took off to their friend’s cabin. I remember this song, because to this day it brings back fond dating a 50 never married memories.

Then a few days before my grandfather finally passed away she snapped out of her catatonic state. Thinking of it now I was so young back then but thanks to all those experiences I had, they didn't change me for the worse they changed me for the better. "This will have to wait" she teased as she went round the corner to answer the door. I step out of the clothing as I feel your lips rubbing up and down the entire length of my hard cock. With the way this winter is going I may end up here again someday.” “Hopefully on a night when Tim isn’t.” She said. I figured they headed for the bedroom Ginny first started using. In her swimsuit she was a beautiful sight to men and women alike.

"That’s how I think you should look all the time. Corzine?” Tom wanted to steer clear of this part of the conversation as he just remembered what he did to that poor little girl and quickly said, “Yeah ~ yeah Doc. You are the first people, including me, to hear that from him.” At that time, I knew I liked her a lot but wasn’t sure it was love yet, but I needed her to know all is fine with us, no matter what. He came up behind her and buried his face in her throbbing cunt and she moaned louder than she had before with him. When school finally ended we headed straight to his house and got the weekend started.

She said that she was so turned on by it all, and since we did it with our best dating for married person friends, it made it even more special to her.

&Ldquo;Okay Okay no gag but what the hell are you doing&rdquo. It started pressing up against the back of my throat on each thrust, I gulped. I never saw Shelly again.” “My mom started going to the bar with Nelson every night. We always went away with a good feeling about them. There he sees the woman pointing at three kids saying, ‘I told you if you were bad I was going to bring you the Boogie Man!’ 184 Ice Fishing Once upon a time long, long ago there was a season when neither the Packers nor the Vikings made the post season playoffs. Ben “That is good news you have to tell the rest of the family, By the way I need six more of those thin blue line stickers for my new cars and a bunch of cards&rdquo. He looked into her eyes and made some sort of connection that he had never made with any other woman before and said, “Whew the feeling is amazing. With all that, we still had plenty of time to ourselves dating married a 50 never to play or read or just watch TV or play with our phones or video games. You will be punished severely if you break any obligations or refuse any requests bestowed upon you.

She had a whole new life there and, while she was very glad to see me it was obvious I was just a visitor in her California home.

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