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Samantha reached down and massaged Creampie’s cunt, rubbing her until Creampie started moaning into her mouth.

Then Josh took a finger to his mouth and then back to her ass and found her hole. Jess looked at me with a combination of love and lust. &Ldquo;You know what I want!” He said sounded almost authoritarian and I knew I had made an on-line promise, do they count. Now you readers might wonder how I felt about this. The first man fired into Hassam’s back, before firing again into the other crewman. I then worked my thumb into her pussy, pressing it in as far as I could. One day, the woman realized that the man's suckling was beginning to arouse her ually. It is the last day before we go to my sister’s wedding and I have many things to get done before we leave for Santa Barbara. They would get in a lot of open mouthed kissing that way. Mercedes and Cathy spotted us in the water and figured out what was going. It didn’t matter to me; I enjoyed her company and her sharp wit.

He is 6’ and about 190 lbs., light brown hair that he keeps short, but you could see some gray. Having one hand on the steering wheel was risky in this weather, but I figured what the hell, it was worth the risk to just me able to hold her hand. I got up and cross the hall from my bedroom, to the bathroom, did my business, then showered. I enjoyed Saturday and I have enjoyed doing what I do here. &Ldquo;Any other bright ideas?” Areth asks me, hefting her new axe, unaware of the battle inside. Bowen, for this to work we need your wife to accept being part of the group.&rsquo. What are you going to do, take me to the Principal?" " no!" said the last brown haired guy who had been silent until now. They found as I had long ago that talking about your demons that you carry; lessen the load of the extra baggage we returned home with after the war. I could not help myself and I touched her wet little pussy lips, wiggling my index finger into her passage about an inch. Alice already had a hand shoved down her pants, ruinously pushing her fingers in and out as she watched the two. Carol comes over and Ben takes her to meet the new maids. At one point she had three fingers deep in Kimberly’s ass and ing her with them. Andria, Jenny and Marley’s mouths drop open in shocked disbelief of what they’re witnessing. It was nearly impossible to describe… I found myself wrapping my arms around her as my body went limp. But eventually, as they knew they would, they heard him call their names. The dog took off into the woods and stayed gone for almost thirty minutes. I lost it then, and started cumming too, and let her know by saying, kkkkkkkk Janna, I am cumming babydoll. After calming, she stood up, and went to the nightstand, and turned off the light. So he did and went back outside to finish chopping wood. &Ldquo;That's not possible.” Susan tried to fight Peter and his logic, but she was completely unable to move. I briefly consider sliding into you from here, but I ignore the urge. Yes..." while looking directly into his camera lens. Burnie was so very surprised when a gallon of steamy, runny shit enters his mouth. The eyes of the three observers were glued on her face as they watched the hot oral action. That little slave girl is bringing out something in you that we've never seen. "If you'd been riding old Chief, I'd still be chasing you all over Texas!" Jim thought that, horse thief or not, you had to respect the indian for taking his chances on foot rather than risk killing more stolen horses in a chase. And because I had leaned forward, it gave Chris the room to slip two fingers in my ass. She moaned deeply then yelled out, Oh Yes, eat that cunt whore. He reached up with his hand, using his fingers to spread her pussy lips apart. &Ldquo;You’re bloody well right I enjoyed. The way she wanted to please me, how she ached to be my submissive girlfriend. In the end, mostly with Liz and Jessie’s insistence, we decided to go with The Nightmare before Christmas. She was perfectly silent, her body ct online dating service coiled like a spring, all that energy locked down in her muscles.

Somehow, Riley managed to suck-down my whole load without spilling any. You’ll obey all of us!” Gaby found herself being pushed back again onto her back. &Ldquo;AGGGGHHHLLLHGHGHHGHH” She chokes and coughs as I shoot cum into her mouth. Katie was able to swallow most of it, but licked up whatever fell out of the corner of her mouth before swallowing. He closed the door behind me, and I followed him inside. So after the second time, with us both cumming, I said I had to get home and get some sleep, since I had work tomorrow. After a few minutes of this, he picked her up and told her to put her legs around his waist. All the leather we will have will give off an odor if we don’t.

&Ldquo;You dirty slut, you were looking at me and you know you are not allowed. I tried to figure out why she would wear something like that around her child and small kids, then I realized that they are supposed to be innocent enough not to worry about it and I wasn’t that innocent anymore, I swallowed, made certain my sunglasses was aimed at her face as I spoke to her cleavage “Not really, I noticed that Clive just forgot a few things I told him last time” She sighed softly “Clive I told you to practice what he told you to do” “Yes mom, but I forget at times everything, maybe he could come over and show me” Those words really tickled my fancy “You mean like private tutoring?” He nodded “I guess that is the word, when you teach just me?” She sighed again “Clive, you already have extra mathematics, where are you going to fit these extra cricket classes in?” I wondered why a kid of twelve would want extra math classes “Anyway he may have other things to do than to give extra classes” A plan suddenly formed and I smiled “Actually after work I can’t do much these days, knee problems and all” She crossed her arms over her huge breasts and tapped a fingernail on her perfectly white front teeth “How much would you charge?” I shrugged nonchalantly “I’m sure we can arrange something based on results” After that I showed Clive a lot of tricks and made him work extra hard during practice and then in the off days I went over to their place and drilled more of the bowling technique into him. I'm glad you aren't hung up on that stuff." After a moment or two of quiet reflection, she said "Hey, can I ask you a personal question. Another thing people seem to like writing about is how their dog thrust so deep into them that the first inch or so of their cock entered their cervix, and they screamed and moaned in ecstasy, etc. When she let the skirt fall to the floor it looked as if she were nude. &Ldquo;Don’t you dare trivialize our feelings like ct online dating service that,” Brooke demands, and there is no doubt about her anger. This endeavor proved to be fruitless, as the athletic center was built like a maze, with nothing properly labeled. Keep reading!* As Kim Jacobs and her sister Candy kneel before their captures and promise to do whatever they want , they realize the seriousness of the situation. &Ldquo;Wow, you’re sensitive,” Alice hummed with her face buried in Donna’s glorious cleavage. She told him she’d be there by 1 or a little after. I was working for a large pool service company and my last stop of the day was at a retirement condo complex on the beach. Melissa smiled again, "lay on your back up here, with your head. The feeling of her soft bare feet on his chest made his thrusts pick up in speed and force even more. She pulled off long enough to say, "Good morning sleepy head. After they had all got their breath back she got her son’s to quickly strip her bed of all its bed sheets. "I called him tonight to see if I could go by the apartment to get the things I didn't take over to my friend's house before I left for New York. His cock was still out from his coveralls, lying on her naked stomach. Mama, she’s crying!" A child whined, pointing to a blonde haired and blue eyed little girl. Cloe, Jill, Jane, and Kelly get to ride BIG FELLA then the rest of you get your chance. He told her to remove her cloths at once and Mel could hear her mother stripping from them. Sharon laughed and said, oh yeah, but she has a heart of gold and I love her so just the way she. In the two weeks that followed that fateful first night we ed like mad dogs. My member slid liquidly within her womb, tightly yet oh so pleasantly. When I was single and lived alone I even owned a slim dildo that, on rare, deprived occasions, I would use on myself. Normally such degrading things would make her angry but instead, she was getting incredibly turned.

As I slowly slid his shorts down his legs, I gazed deep into his trusting eyes, and his smiling face. A few moments later the clamping of her pussy subsided enough for him to thrust deep into her again, by the third thrust he found that his groin slapped wetly against her ass, juices dripped from his swinging balls, as strange as he found this, he loved the sound. But her inner pussy was doing that sucking thing again. She got out her bottle of coco butter and started rubbing it all over me, she ever put it on my cock, saying she didn’t want it to burn, at least not from the sun. She had been quite shaken up, even calling him for consolation (not his best quality). Ohhh, such a nice cock!” The pleasure was rolling through my body as I rose up and down on my father's cock. When I finished, I got up, licked my lips, and left as if nothing had happened. Megan was the first, to demonstrate how it was done. &Ldquo;It seems that Will likes the idea very much. Tonight was the renewal, after an interruption of three months, of their regular bi-weekly orgy sessions with her ex-brother-in-law, Rich Edgar. "Give me the number for your friend." She looked up, startled, before slowly giving me the number. She started to protest the destruction of her pajamas, but Jake put a hand on her mouth, silencing her as he impaled himself inside her. Millie was raised in a very conservative, strict, religious family, so I was very pleased to see the hot woman she turned out to be in bed. At this point she’s staring deep into my eyes. In seconds, she slid into bed and snuggled back against him so that they were spooning. I’m afraid you spoiled a wonderful evening with our best friends.” “Oh pooh,” I scoffed. He sighed and thought, ‘now I am going to have to fix this one as part of my atonement for the horrible things I’ve done right after 911.’ Miles realized how thick her folder had become by the weight as it landed in his lap. I still played passed out and let him open my mouth.

The guy says: "Any man would be as bad if they'd just had with the woman in my car. He started to ct online dating service ct online work dating service it in and out, trying to loosen her up slightly. An old bed and dresser, a couch and love seat, and my favorite leather recliner. You girls are not having any reservations are you?&rdquo. &Ldquo;sprite, clean banshee’s asshole,” Lorne said. I need your special flame retardant juice to put out the fire inside my lesbian pussy. Josh was just waking up, and gave me a dazed look as I walked past in my underwear. Her words said she had no more left to give, her body had other ideas. I asked John, “So there’s no way we can touch him?” He said, “I’m saying I don’t think our criminal justice system will be able to touch him." John said, “There have been some strong leads circulating recently though. &Ldquo;It would be worth losing just to see what she actually does.” The two stagehands each reached down and grabbed an ankle. Each rope of sperm was hot when it hit her, and cooled to warm as it settled inside of her. When time permitted and the weather was favorable he would go for a run, or throw a leg over his racing bike and cycle for miles. &Lsquo;Dear, every time I cheated on you I put a can into the box’ replied the husband. I could tease him in the morning, telling him I heard these sounds coming from his bedroom. She knew I was in control now and with my other hand I spanked her on the ass. &Ldquo;But it’s only fair after all the times I’ve ed him like that.” My father walked back in the room, and had in his hands some strong rubber gloves, and a online service ct dating large container of lubricant. I told her, “Darling, once we get through this I’ll do anything I have to to keep tears from your eyes. I woke up early one morning with a piss hard-on and rolled out of bed and headed sleepily to the bathroom. As soon as they let go and his cock was free, he pushed it back in to Jessica’s delight. She found a yellow sundress that had me drooling when she held it in front of her. Tears streamed down her cheeks as she tried to catch her breath.

My hands were moving everywhere on Sarah's body, but especially playing with her breasts. After a bit she told me to pull out of her, the feeling making us both breath heavily. Cordan grabbed his baton and collected all of the cum that was on her miniskirt, ass, and pussy. He continued his wanderings, moving his hands to the insides of her thighs as they lay spread before him, loving the soft tender skin there, so pale and silky smooth to the touch. I kissed a trail from her navel to the hair line above her hungry pussy. There facing me was the girl with the most beautiful eyes I had ever seen. When my mom and auntie leave the room to make some coffee, me and Emily were left alone.

Fearing the worst I tried the handle anyway hoping that Erika (my bitch of a supposed step mother) had just left the light. "Alright bitch, you ready for something else now?" Lexi got up and turned her back to Jenny and put my cock back in her pussy. Sarah turned in without a moment's hesitation and 24 hours later they walked out. Now I have lost the only friend I could ever care about.” His mind was reeling, as he stared out the window. I laid her down on her back and brushed the hair from her face. She kept her movements going and turned towards Jon and. Like how you think kissing is gross until you actually. But Kim loved him, and he did fit into the family lifestyle, although was shocked by it at first, with all the nudity. Adam -- Jess's boyfriend -- watched as his girlfriend propped up Samantha's skinny, tan body and the crowd shouted “Drink. "Good, you may turn out to be a good little slut after all", the words warmed her all over. I won’t let him do it to me now and he gets really pissed off, so much so that he forces me sometimes, which is really rape.” “I still think you should leave him. She got married about a year after she left high school, and since then has had 2 kids, both in their teen years, a girl, and a boy. I pulled down the zipper of a very form fitting dress revealing my curvy figure. He was getting ready to cum and he let go of my legs to brace himself and I kept them raised and squeezed round him so I wouldn't lose him and have to go through this again. Cuntrag sobbed in pain while black cum leaking out of her pussy. Tom being a trained spy was taught to pick up every little nuance like how the buttons on her blouse appeared like they were ready to pop off because her shirt was so tight. When she got home, she told Rob about fingering and getting fingered by her friend. I actually started panting like a ing dog waiting for his cum. If I find out they've been telling you scary stories, I'm going to kick both of their ass's.” Amy looks into her eyes, shaking her head. All the while, the other cock had stopped thrusting, just resting in her womb while she took the semen from ct online dating service the other. I can’t believe my husband – Oh I shouldn’t tell you.” “It’s okay Tammy I don’t feel so great either I just cheated on my wife and even though she is in Thailand.” “Yeah you feel so bad huh I don’t believe you. When he brought them out, Samantha was sucking John's cock, while John was standing, facing the couch. What is so urgent that this couldn’t wait?” Robert took a deep breath and explained his situation. He spread my legs open wide and moved his body up on top of mine so his muscled chest pressed against my sore breasts. I looked around, we were all alone, nobody to see me but my family so maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. Gemma’s hand delicately moved along Karen’s stomach then under her pants and panties then between her upper thighs as she could feel the lava like heat emanating from her pussy lips with her fingers. I begged inwardly… Her breath came in ragged gasps… “Can I, can I sit on your face. He rinsed off and quickly toweled dry, before jogging naked to the den. Mom got me primed to go, so I hope you're ready for a mouthful of your old man's spunk!" I saw Evan's apprehension melt away with his father's caring words, despite his smartass comment at the end. Now I can see you’re just like the rest of them.” Conner walked upstairs.

That would prevent a late night battle with the front desk, and allow them to store their dinner's leftovers in the small fridge. She stopped at the door and turned around to look at me for one last time. Lovingly, I used my tongue to clean and touch all parts of his nut sack. We talked about a lot of things, but mostly about our situation and what my plans were for the future. &Ldquo;She caught us having .” What she said, and the way she said it, with the playful grin on her face made him gasp in surprise. Someone is eager to play tonight.” …… We all laughed and I said, “I believe four of us are quite eager.” After drying off, Sarah hooked Jen’s arm with hers, and led us inside. I felt my head enter this wonderful hole of pleasure and slowly sank inside her. Kelly's orgasm had faded, and she heard Tim, Jenna, and Anna groaning, moaning, and grunting. My other hand clenched back on the ledge of the rock, keeping me steady while I nervously kept glancing up to scout out anyone wanting to come back down. First he licked my clit and dug his tongue into my wet snatch then he sucked hard on my nub bring me to a strong orgasm. She told him, "You know when you didn't show up last Saturday, I got suspicious and watched you leave your apartment and saw you enter the apartment of Mrs. The story includes incest bi-ual, group , and water sports, among other things. As he approached he looked down between Ashley's cheeks which were almost seemingly gripping the dick.

To prove to her he was really in love and how truly sensitive and caring he was, he sent one of the prospects on a mission with instructions to buy the girl a bunch of flowers. PLEASE accept me as your slave” Sandra says as Tiff comes over and kneels by her Master, “I love you Master. &Ldquo;Uhhh, thanks, I worked hard for it” Jake joked. &Ldquo;I also wanted you to dating directory online services single know, I’m proud of you.” It was something adults were supposed to say. &Ldquo;You’re like, the best” I panted “So ing good.” “Just for you James” he whispered. We loaded the Jeep with some trade goods, like gallon jugs of water and canned foods in case we found some survivors. Her eyes widened at the sudden intrusion and she weakly tried to push me off as she choked on my cock. I'll tell you next time." Feeling the need to calm her, he gently forced her to lay back on the bed. The couple were oblivious to the original inhabitants of the bodies they were now enjoying, lost in decades of pent up passion. She was a super nice person, and asked what the hell was going.

He had a confused look on his face as he spoke, “How did you……” he just kind of trailed off. Jerry kept shoving the long, fat pastry into his mother’s spacious, full lipped mouth, feeding it to her a little at a time, so that she would be sure and finish all of her Starbuck cum drink. She was walking past their room door when she flashed back to yesterday. She stretch out and I can’t help but admire her firm body and my eyes gets drawn to her big breasts. She had taken off her knickers and was intentionally showing off her cunt for me whilst engaging Mum. I recalled how firm and perky her breasts were and how hot she was between the legs. Snoodling When an uncircumcised homo pulls his extra foreskin over the cock of another homo and proceeds to jerk him off. I ducked my head and sucked a dark pink nipple into my mouth. From then on, every night he brought her three sandwiches and a piece of fruit, and they made passionate love until dawn. The internet was a virtual walking encyclopedia, with websites and chatroom. The front was cut so low that the model had to have shaved her pussy not to reveal any hair. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Destiny finished cyprus dating services dating online cleaning me off and crawled up beside. For 20 years now, he has never mentioned another girl in his life, so I believe he still carries that torch for her.” “So who knows, maybe he’ll fit dating agency services online into our little family life, just nicely.” I chuckled and said, “So, he would meet your approval as a lover then?” She winked at me, “Hell yesssssssss. I had a cock in my pussy, and a perfect view of another cock in my husband's mouth. Take a couple Polaroids, show them to your friends, and brag that you're a snuff film superstar.

Sometimes painful and sometimes humiliating.” As he leaves the room, Matt asks himself once more, What have I done.. "Oh shit, I’m sure Jose had something lined up for Friday night.

With one movement again, I attempted to remove her top and she complied by raising her arms over her head. I crashed through the bedroom door, and I pointed the guy at the two black bastards. Ben takes a shower and Peggy comes into the shower and washes him. I grabbed the shampoo and did her hair, soaping it and mine quickly before covering myself in body wash. I looked into her pixie face and felt very sorry for her.

Ben goes and gets Annabelle and tells her it is her turn to be trained. When he is finished he walks towards the den, but meets Jon on his way to the television room “Ah there is my future son-in-law” Joe feels a blush creeping over his face “Dad stop teasing him” Jon grins at Maryse and continues on his way to the television room, Maryse comes walking over to him, slipping her arms around him, he leans down and they share a gentle kiss. I had lost three potential slaves because their assholes were too tight to take anything, much less my cock. When she came down from, what I later found out to be, her first orgasm she pulled me into one of the most passionate kisses that I've ever experienced. As we made our way inside, I was amazed by the sheer volume of people that were crammed into the large house. If I had known you felt that way, I would have asked you out a long time ago.” With that, Veronica leaned forward and gave Jonathan another deep and passionate kiss. &Ldquo;Yeah, see they were hard just like you are right now Doctor Spencer.” She then took Miles’ finger and then slipped them between her pussy lips, “This is what they were doing to me.” Miles didn’t stop there he took control of what was happening and with is two middle fingers began to caress her g-spot inside of her wet twat and asked, “So, what else did the boys do to you?” Kristen said, “They heard a door opening from the gym and someone was making their way into the locker room. She tried to make a sentence but her gums made her slur. More indirect, more subtle methods than the Exorcism used today. She stood about 5'4" or 5'5" he guessed, with a very slim build.

There were cries of protest and threats from her admirers in the group but she calmed them down. Then she turned around and let her bottoms fall off. When I looked down at her, her face was streaked with white cum, some dripping off her chin onto her ample tits. She’s not sure if screwing her step dad will help her mothers shame of what they did in that hotel. Mark kept his thumb on the little nub of a clit but he slipped his middle finger deep inside of his daughter’s vagina.

After a bit he slipped in two more fingers and speeded up his pumping. I can’t imagine how you must feel." Rachel gave the weights hanging from Carol’s pussy and tit rings a push to get them swinging. She thought to herself that it was more wrong that she had done what she did with Aria, without really discussing it with her.

"Doctor, if that Hawkins feller ain't dead yet this fine Ranger will just have to shoot him again.

Her inflamed clit was rubbing against the bed as he ed her, sending jolts through her body, helping her orgasm to slowly build. 128 Part Time Job A father came home from a long business trip to find his son riding a very fancy new 10 speed bike. Garrison told him he would take it, he would have it surveyed, inventoried and give him a check for the full amount Dad had to leave for basic training before everything could be completed so he told.

As I got closer, I could see straps where the legs and arms would rest, and that the seat looked like it could split, pulling the legs apart. Give me 20 shots of your best Scotch!'' So the bartender lines up 20 shots of his best Scotch and watches this guy down one after the other. She was now good and hot from drinking his cum, as well as the beating he had given her and, to his surprise, it didn’t take long for him to get more than half of the two foot long, very thick artificial cock up into her juice oozing cunt. The two strangers now moved my young body with ease, positioning ct online dating service me on my back on the rear seat, my legs out the door, my dress up around my waist. &Ldquo;Well, well you are quite a naughty boy yourself” Joe smiles at her “Well I noticed you have quite the sensitive ass, so I thought it would be interesting” She wraps her arms around his neck “We are SO not going to the beach now” “Oh. She didn’t want to push Rachel yet to share her slave, but the time would come soon. But at the same time the rubber cock was sliding out slowly before being plowed back into me aggressively hitting my G spot as it went through toward the top of my cervix. &Ldquo;I didn’t mean to wake you.” I said apologetic. Damn, you’re like a ing fire hose, what you doing, trying to put me out. I could easily support the prices being offered in the package and by purchasing all of the assets from the Colter's, I would be in almost complete control of this town. It was such an incredible feeling to have her daughter hungrily eating her, licking her pussy like she couldn't get enough of it, and as she watched Phip ing his finger into her asshole, following in Mark's footsteps as a slave, a trembling started deep inside her. &Ldquo;Oh Damn Lover, I am going to cum, I Love you.” Ann exclaimed. Before I knew it, Mica was pounding my asshole, he must have felt good because he wasn't as cautious as he had been before. I let it fill my mouth completely, swirling around my tongue, tasting, savoring - and then swallowing frantically as I took it all - something I’d never done to Stu.

In just a few months you have gone from being a poverty stricken college student, to being one of the most well to do guy in med school. They exited the train and Tim was amazed at the crowds in the station. Jessie moaned out’ “Very Merry ing Christmas. I really wanted him to shoot his white pee on me but he pulled out and then told me to sit back against the toilet and spread my legs wide because he wanted to see my privates. His six-pack was still there just not as defined but still nice as my eyes were fixed on him undressing. She was okay at rimming thought Rocky , but Cindy or Sheila would have to teach Juanita better tongue work after the New Year Rocky thought. The feeling when my fingers wrap around his cock is electric. What Ronnie did next surprised me and our audience. This was a first for me and being ’Lyn’ the girl led me to put her cock in my mouth as I felt my cock slip in hers. How about you, do you have any regrets?” Her head was down, but then slowly lifted it and looked at me, “Yes. This overwhelming sense of ual aggression was about one thing… Using my considerable strength, I wrapped my fingers tighter into her hair and pulled her closer to me, forcing myself against her mouth, “I said ing suck!” The words shocked even me… A look of panicked shock smashed across her face… tinged with something else… Excitement. "Well that's kind of odd, and you've never learned to do one before?" Joe inquired, looking down at her firm and toned abdomen. Dish easily stood five nine dating coach nyc or ten, which put her on the tall side as females go and the rest of her body put her on the large side. You flip her skirt up over her pert ass and spank her once. He straightened his cap and said once more, ‘I'm the greatest hitter in the world!’ Again he tossed the ball up in the air and swung. There was no sense of urgency after the first frenetic moments when we needed to connect. She couldn’t help but smile and giggle uncontrollably for a long while and finally when we were both squeaky clean inside and out of the tub she said, ‘Kristen, I need to go and get dressed for tonight is it okay if I leave you?’ I said, ‘get out of here and good luck tonight.’ Miles noticed that her demeanor once again changed from being concerned for Priya to an excited state, “So, was that.

Her shoulders are now resting on my calves, her back pressed up against my chest, ct online dating service and her ass under my chin, while I sit and continue to taste dangers of online dating services her pussy. Jeff was athletic, strong, and a natural leader both on and off the football field in high school and college. That’s when Jenny asked about the “don’t shit where you eat comment”, but cleaned it up some because of her mom and grandma there. Later that night, while in my bed, Carrie told me about her day with Ann, and shopping. I bounced up and down on him trying to burry him all the way up to my throat. This horny bitch was actually getting off from the treatment that she was receiving from. As he stroked my back, I lay there, breathing in the manly sent of him. Four hours later, I found myself stumbling back home. Wonder Girl once again spread Wonder Woman’s cheeks and again revealed her brown hole. &Ldquo;Jackie, I’m serious, I’m cool with all of this. And in a pinch she can easily cover up completely in seconds. I want to taste your sweet juices.’ He smiled and pulled out of my ass and said, ‘your wish is my command princess.’ I took a hold of his cock and sucked him the best I could. She said Susan laughed and told her it was fine honey, but knowing you are serviced by a nice package does help the relationship.

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